Can’t Manage Your Way Out of a Box and Have a $150,000 MBA With Big Student Loans?

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Analytical thinking and creative problem solving don’t always go hand in hand. Now you’d think that a superior mind able to do robust calculations, and sift through reams of data, such as a well conditioned MBA’ed executive would have all the right tools to solve the most (read on...)

Your Prospects Aren’t In Pain

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When I hear sellers say that buyers have ‘pain’ I ask how long it would take them to get to the hospital with a broken arm. “Immediately.” Why? Because they’re in pain. But buyers don’t buy ‘immediately’ and have had their problem for a period of (read on...)

Van Halen and M&Ms – What’s Your Brown M&M?

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What if you could identify the early-warning signs of a business problem? Sometimes, though, there’s no data available to predict a business problem. Think about infrastructure problems, such as a bridge collapsing. Typically a bridge will collapse without any signs. To predict it, you (read on...)

A Method For Solving Tough Business Problems

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This article lays out a step-by-step process for addressing tough business issues. It’s designed to work with any industry and any problem. The best results will usually come by using project teams composed of some people with finely honed intuitions based on experience and others with (read on...)