5 Steps to Profit From The New Marketplace

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You Have a Problem, and a yet a Solution At The Same Time! Things have changed, but with these 5 simple steps you can profit from the changes! In this report I will show you how YOU can start thinking Out Of The Box with your Marketing! What is the problem? The old system just does not work the (read on...)

It Costs How Much?

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Last week, I was seduced by price – I admit it – and bought some green and red peppers at a store that was well known for the lowest possible price. When I got home I placed them on the counter – all shiny and green – and that evening at supper cut them open to add them to (read on...)

Is Selling Your Business to a Third Party the Best Way to Sell It?

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Having to sell your business may be a decision made because you need to manage funds, or you plan to not continue it further. In any situation it is not an easy decision to make. Creating a business is not an easy task and the business owner knows how much they have put into the business to make (read on...)

Bananas or Green Peppers – What’s That Got to Do With Business?

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I love to make things from scratch. Cookies, bread, even spaghetti sauce! Like many people after a recession I have become much more aware of what I spend on groceries and eating out – and I always feel good when I am diligent with my price checking – minding my pennies. Deciding to (read on...)

Will Google+ Local Be Good For Local Business?

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Recently Google announced a shift away from its Google Places for local business. Many business owners have spent thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars insuring that they will be found in local searches with Google. Was that just a wasted experiment or has an evolution happened? Will (read on...)

Strategies to Help Your Small Business Succeed in Challenging Times

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We have all discovered, again, the only constant is cultural change. Just look around and you will see state and presidential politics on messy display, financial institutions in chaos and Wall Street fluctuating. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time that we see these ups and (read on...)

Business Owners: How to Create a Niche for Your Business

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Having a niche for your business means not having to compete on price. So if you wish to create a business that is as profitable as it can be in the market place you operate in, you must have, maintain and protect a niche for your business. Creating a niche involves three key steps: Identifying (read on...)

Why Business Executives Need to Stop Managing Employees and Start Leading Them

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People don’t want to be managed, they want to be led. In spite of this fact, most business executives focus on managing employees rather than leading them. Whoever heard of a world manager? World leader, yes! Educational leader, political leader, religious leader, community leader, and (read on...)

Ways to Sell a Business

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Selling your business is a tough decision, the hard work that went into creating it, making it work, getting people to work for you…it becomes close to your heart however a time comes when a business can no longer remain yours, either it has to be passed on to the next generation or sold (read on...)

Networking and Why 9 Out 10 Business Owners Preferred Word of Mouth

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In a recent survey it was discovered that 9 out 10 business owners preferred word of mouth as their main way of attracting customers. The above sentence is obviously a play on the famous ad for cats but in my experience of talking to thousands of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) over the (read on...)

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