Is Your Selling Like Your Driving?

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Today as I traveled a very busy Interstate in route to an appointment, I suddenly realized that many salespeople sell like they drive. So what kind of seller or driver are you? The TailgaterNow this driver is probably the most recognized and the most irritating. He or she leaves about five to 10 (read on...)

How Business Networking Events & Cold Calling Are More Alike Than Many Sales Professionals Realize

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The 21st century business world advocates business networking events to increase sales. From the single office home office entrepreneurs who just hung up their shingles after being down sized from corporate America to the established small business owners, each day these individuals collectively (read on...)

To Win More Sales Begins by Stopping the Laziness

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Sales professionals to small business owners can, in all honesty, be quite lazy. When new opportunities present themselves, that is the time to take advantage of them, get off the dime and move forward with directed and focused action. I realized this once again when talking with a local business (read on...)

How This One Simple Omission May Be Costing You Credibility & Hurting Your Ability to Increase Sales

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Take a moment to think about how by omitting just one little simple piece of information could dramatically affect your ability to increase sales? And this omission is probably costing you credibility in your marketplace. What would that critical piece of information be? Before I share with one (read on...)

How Failing Business Etiquette 101 May Be Your First Obstacle to Increase Sales

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Business networking is one of the best ways to meet new potential customers (a.k.a. prospects) to Centers of Influence and even possible referral or strategic alliance partners in the ongoing quest to increase sales. As this marketing strategy continues to grow, many of those involved are (read on...)

To Increase Sales You Must Separate the What From the How

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Sales professionals are asked at least once if not 10 times a day, What do you do? Unfortunately, far too many share the how and not the what. Are you one of them? Just yesterday at a formal business networking group, Indiana Business Network, I listened to 13 of the 15 people present share the (read on...)

Leverage Your Business Lunches to Maximize Your Sales Results

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Do you need to meet potential customers (a.k.a. prospects), potential qualified clients, colleagues, current customers, vendors, or strategic partners for lunch?  Is your goal to get in and out?  As a sales professional, do you arrive a little earlier or a little late to avoid the noon hour (read on...)