Changing Your Business Name? Four Ways to Let Current Clients Know What’s Coming

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If your business is expanding and you have started to offer additional services, some business owners feel their current company name will not be sufficient to communicate what they do. This makes them want to change the company name so it better reflects the new services too and not just the (read on...)

Branding Your Business With a Logo

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Branding your company is an important part of building a business and should be included in every business plan. The very first thing you have to decide on is the name of your business. This decision usually depends on a lot of things, but mostly it depends on the industry your business is in. (read on...)

5 Must-Have Slogan Characteristics to a Recognizable Business Name

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A business slogan (or tagline, as others would call it) is a phrase, a sentence or short statement usually found next to the company name; slogans help build and shape the business’ character and identity as it concisely advertises a positive image about the business. Slogans are (read on...)

It’s All in a Name (Brand You)

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It may be all in a name. At least that is part of the recipe for success for your business. “The art of the start”. So the question is – can people tell what you do by the name of your company? And the next question is, if you work as an independent representative of a company (read on...)

Building A Winning Brand

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The hardest part of starting a new business is getting your business known. You are trying to compete with hundreds of thousands of other businesses out there. Whether or not those businesses are successful or not is not necessarily your concern. What your focus needs to be is getting your (read on...)

Can You Really Make Money Just By Advertising Your Business?

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If you are an astute business owner you probably already know that you have to advertise your business if you are going to realize any returns on your investments. Advertising is a critical step in getting your business name out in front of the public you wish to serve as well as getting the (read on...)

Does Your Business Name Ring A Bell?

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Here are some ways to choose an effective biz name that will fit with your business’s objectives, legal issues, and target audience. Ready? Great, because it’s definitely one big decision in your competitive strategy and as such should be carefully considered. 1. Your biz name should (read on...)

Changing the Name of a Lawn Care Service

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Ideally, you will choose a name that is able to serve your business for many years. However, some lawn care entrepreneurs find that for various reasons a name change becomes necessary. Businesses in many industries have successfully carried out name changes that have improved their market (read on...)

Lawn Care Business Names – Tips and Ideas for Making a Selection

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Lawn care is a competitive business just like any other industry. A great business name can help you in many ways but there is a lot to consider before you make your final selection. Here are some tips, tests and practical activities that will help to make the process of naming a lawn mowing (read on...)

How to Stretch Your Small Business Marketing Budget

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There are many advantages to being a small business. Unfortunately, having a large marketing budget isn’t one of them. Here’s some advice on how you can get the most out of your marketing expenditures. Market Tactically Rather than spreading flyers across your entire city, try to (read on...)