IT Branding: Why IT Needs a New PR Campaign

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IT as a road block to business success Let’s face it, IT departments have been notorious over the years for squashing the dreams and aspirations of folks in the rest of the organization. So much so that many operations people think they hear the response “No” from IT almost as (read on...)

Forget the Business Model, Just Embrace More of Who You Are

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Recently, I’ve been frustrated with business models that feel outmoded and outdated. I’ve wanted to REINVENT THE MODEL. I was reaching for MORE of the Spiritual Business Path, for MORE of what I was starting to explore with the Make Your Healing Matter movement I founded, for MORE of (read on...)

The 1 Single Law Governing All Business: Eat What You Kill

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If you want to make a living; if you want to ever retire; if you want to get a head in life, then you need to understand the business world. You have a place in it (unless you’re unemployed – but then understanding the business would may be doubly important). The good news is that the (read on...)

Forecast Accuracy: Is Forecast Variability To Blame Or To Be Exploited?

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In a recent LinkedIn forum, someone posted the question: “Is forecasting a waste of time? Is it more important to be able to deal with variability than predict it?“ A question of this type intends to drive strong reactions. But the question is really comparing two different things. (read on...)

Three Mistakes That Can Kill Marketing and How to Avoid Them

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Marketing needs to be a considered effort and that effort needs to start well before a marketing plan is written or a marketing campaign is launched. If the preparation is faulty, the marketing effort is doomed and you’ll experience a wasted campaign and potentially damage future efforts. (read on...)

How Wide an Area Should You Be Selling To?

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Oppenheimer surprised me with one of their recent ads in the Wall Street Journal. The ad suggesting we globalize our thinking noted the following three issues. Several major United States (US) icon consumer product companies get from 40 to 70 percent of sales from outside the US. At what point do (read on...)

What Does A Politically Incorrect View of the Job Outlook Imply For Your Business?

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Just when you thought the world was getting back to some form of normal, the economy changed again. And it looks like turbulent and roller coaster economic volatility is still here for the next few years. For business that has to make decisions with mid-term and long-term effect, you want real (read on...)

Why Mergers Fail

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Introduction Companies have been merging and acquiring each other for 200 years and do so in order to increase revenues, market share and ultimately profit. Unfortunately many mergers/acquisitions have ended in failure. Two that come to mind are Daimler’s purchase of Chrysler (what were (read on...)

One Way to Inspire Consistent Referrals

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Do you know what kind of clients you most enjoy working with? Don’t say, “But, I can help everyone!” That may be true, but it doesn’t make it easy for the people you know to send you business if you don’t articulate who you work with a bit more (read on...)

The Future Business Model of Facebook

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The one thing Facebook has not figured out yet is how to utilize their fabulous product to make the most money, consistently and on an ongoing basis – i.e. finding the right business model. A really intriguing topic to write my very first blog about, because, in my opinion, finding the (read on...)