Are You in Deep Water? Business Lessons Learned From Kayaking

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I’m not exactly what you would call an expert kayaker. But when my friends invited me to go kayaking with them I thought it would be fun to spend the day paddling through the water. About 10 minute into the trip I learned that kayaking is not as easy as it looks. But conquering the wind and (read on...)

Business Lessons From the French Election

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What lesson would entrepreneurs learn from Nicolas Sarkozy’s defeat? French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s defeat to French president elect Francois Hollande has a significant lesson for business leaders. The lesson is this: to succeed, an individual requires IQ, EQ (emotional (read on...)

Business Lessons Learned During the Holidays

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As a business owner, what have you learned during the holiday season? It is true that the holidays are a great time for businesses to realize enormous amounts of sales. But I’ve seen small enterprises looking mellow on Christmas season, losing the battle to larger stores, particularly (read on...)

17 Business Lessons From Sport

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Millions of people worldwide participate in sport, and even more watch it. As such it provides ample opportunity for business leaders and managers to learn lessons relevant for business. Lesson 1: Self-Management. In golf, you manage yourself during the game. You plan your game, and play your (read on...)

Business Lessons From the Final Four

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I frequently draw from the military and sports worlds for leadership lessons. Wooden and Lombardi gave us examples as relevant and compelling as Winston Churchill from politics or GE’s Jack Welch from business. The teams that have made the NCAA’s Final Four provide lessons that are (read on...)

Yes You Can – Business Lessons From President Obama

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2008 was an incredibly difficult and challenging year. Economically, it’s been a complete rollercoaster, albeit one that will continue to travel downwards for some time… The economic problems in the major economies around the world were driven to a great extent by events in America. (read on...)

2010 FIFA World Cup Lessons For Businesses

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup produced some of the most unexpected, and at times controversial, results in World Cup history. We saw the previous world champions, Italy, leave the tournament in the first round without putting up any kind of performance. Disagreements in the French camp ended their cup (read on...)

The World Cup – 10 Things You Can Learn For Business

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Apart from the entertainment and the drama the World Cup can teach us the following lessons about business 1. The Vuvuzula (that long musical instrument played by fans). Should it be banned or should it be band? Think about it? Whatever you choose just remember to make a big noise and get (read on...)

Business Lessons From a Six-Year-Old

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Last weekend, I was reminded of some important lessons. By my six-year-old. My wife and my mother-in-law (whom I love dearly) decided to hold a garage sale. It was a good idea, because we had a lot of stuff that we needed to let go of; but personally, I hate garage sales. I try to help, but all I (read on...)

10 Business Lessons My Mother Taught Me

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The one who gave birth to this author Mrs. Dainah Mapuranga (nee Mabaya Madoro), never attended business school neither did she attend formal primary school education because of the culture which discouraged fathers from investing in the girl child as “she would be soon taken away anyway on (read on...)