How to Teach in Business

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Recently, I was reading a wonderful article on Psychology Today, entitled “What All Teachers Should Learn from Jazz Band Teachers.” It caught my eye for many reasons, but primarily because I’ve been writing on the topic of coaching – and I found so many parallels in this (read on...)

Pulling the Pieces Together by Building Trust in San Diego County

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More than an experienced IT professional, Manish is a business leader with a talent for building trust and managing the dynamics of different personalities in diverse situations. He is a technical professional who uses his expertise in finance, business management, and sales to see multiple sides (read on...)

The Socks and Shoes Routine

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Wondering what footwear has to do with business leadership? Give me a few moments of your time and I’ll show you. We all know that blindly following old habits and routines doesn’t get us new results, just the same results. Good routines mean good results. Even when some changes could (read on...)

Sales Tips for Financial Advisers – Selling More Life Insurance in a Recession

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This may sound somewhat counter-intuitive, but I believe an economic downturn is great for selling more life insurance for three reasons. 1. Recessions are great environments for insurance advisers. Clients are hyper-sensitive to the doom and gloom forecasts of the media. Media hype makes people (read on...)

Management Leadership Tip: Importance of Workplace Factors

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I once again read with great interest the annual report by Workplace Dynamics analyzing what is important to workers in Orange County, California. Since I have no reason not to assume the information they assembled is likely true across the country, and perhaps across the world, I offer their (read on...)

An Introduction to Transformational Business Leadership

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Leadership is essentially a process of social influence, where one can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. In addition, it entails an association that sees to the mobilization and guidance of other people; for the attainment of particular objectives (read on...)

Why Business Leadership Skills Are So Important

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In order for an individual in a position of power to successfully become a leader, there are a few common hindrances that they must overcome. The first is an ego. Many leaders can only take their occupation so far due to an inflated ego. These individuals spend more time focusing on themselves (read on...)

Business Leadership – Traits Of a True Leader

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What exactly is business leadership and are you doing it right? The ability to “lead” a business can mean different things to different people. Some might argue that, in order to be a great leader, you must also be a great manager. But others would argue that a business requires both (read on...)

Leadership Development – Do Leaders See Different?

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Foresight in business will be defined as a leader’s ability to plan ahead and ‘see’ the future. In short, the leader’s ability to envision a brighter, better future for his business and community. Leaders Eyes are Visionary The ability to plan in itself requires the (read on...)

Leadership Development Training: A Must for Executives

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Are you a professional, handling all the complexities related to growth, promotion, and more in your organization? If the answer is yes, you would definitely agree that one of the most challenging aspects when working in an organization is managing things in a flawless manner. At times, it may as (read on...)