A Clear Structure for Accountability Meetings

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As a managing partner or leader in a professional services firm, your role is to encourage, develop and coach people towards reaching the business development goals you’ve decided on together. A crucial part of that process is scheduling regular accountability meetings and using a system to (read on...)

The Problem With Most Advertising And Marketing Is That It Just Doesn’t Work!

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Let’s face it… Most marketing just doesn’t work. One of the biggest reasons for this is most of it tries to attract everyone as a client / customer and as I have mentioned before this just won’t happen – no matter how great you are or how much your services could (read on...)

Grow Your Business The Quickest Way

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When I talk to business owners about how they can grow their business, I invariably find that they focus on winning new customers. I then explain that they already have within their business the raw material to quickly and relatively easily grow their profits and that raw material is in fact (read on...)

A Simple Business Card Strategy Guaranteed To Turn It Into A Customer Generating Machine

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It doesn’t matter what profession you are in – most business owners know that once they hand out their business card one of three things happens: 1. They are either put in a wallet or hand-bag and looked at once to check the time of the appointment. 2. Used as a tooth pick or a roach (read on...)

Stop Blaming the Economy for Your Unproductive Business Development Habits

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Are you blaming the economy for your business’s lack of performance? I’ve got news for you: The economy has only exposed the real problems in your business, i.e., poor business development habits and lack of accountability. Here are the top 10 habits that could be responsible for the (read on...)

How to Make $64 Million From a $25K Toilet Job

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Sometimes it seems like the small jobs you don’t really care about, the ones that don’t add much of anything to the bottom line, are all that you are selling. It happens to the best of us. You spend an inordinate amount of business development effort working to make a sale that ends (read on...)

The Best Job Is the One You Make for Yourself – Market What You Love: Make Something Out of Nothing

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If you are on the market looking for a career or just looking to make some extra money, I’ll walk you through a thought exercise and show you services and tools like email and power dialer solutions that make it a whole lot easier, faster and fun. Let’s say, for example, that you love (read on...)

Use Business Referral Networks As a Complementary Commercial Development Approach

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Business referral networks, a new unlimited development approach for companies and people. From the companies point of view: Reducing your operating costs and investment while developing your company’s business is at your fingertips. How much did you spend in 2011 in new business prospects, (read on...)

Why It’s Worth Outsourcing Your Marketing

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It almost goes without saying that every business has experience and expertise in a certain area. At its core, business is about providing a service or a product to clients for profit. It therefore only makes sense to delegate the types of work you are unfamiliar with to the experts. By (read on...)

What Info Do You Absolutely NEED to Have on Your Website?

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When it comes to generating business, your website is a very important part of your marketing toolkit. With people researching online more than ever, your website needs to explain what you do, subtly detail why you are better than the competition, and entice people to contact you. It needs to (read on...)