What Are The 7 Rules of Alignment and Why Does Your Business Need to Follow Them?

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If you build a language that allows you to articulate what success looks like, your employees will align and order will reign supreme. The key to organization is consistent communication about your company, each and every time. This means you must remember to have a conversation with new hires, (read on...)

A Leader’s Guide to Better Listening

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Successful leadership depends on the quality of attention and intention that the leader brings to any situation. ~ Otto Scharmer I’ve been studying a revolutionary system for leading, innovating, problem solving, and developing strategy. It was developed by MIT lecturer Otto Scharmer, in (read on...)

3 Easy Steps to Sell More By Selling Less

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If you want to succeed in 2012 then you need to sell less. Yes, you heard me: buckle down and sell less. Wow! That is like music to your ears, right? Short of public speaking, or going to the dentist, the thing people (business owners and professionals) hate most is selling. Well if you are one (read on...)

Where Did All the Women Go?

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I work with senior executives and top teams to access their full potential and develop excellent, balanced leaders. Yet two years ago when a coach asked me what I was doing for women, I was shocked to realise not only that the bulk of my clients were male but also that I had not even noticed. I (read on...)

Three Mistakes That Can Kill Marketing and How to Avoid Them

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Marketing needs to be a considered effort and that effort needs to start well before a marketing plan is written or a marketing campaign is launched. If the preparation is faulty, the marketing effort is doomed and you’ll experience a wasted campaign and potentially damage future efforts. (read on...)

The Truth Behind Delegating

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If you’re frequently working long hours and spending more time away from your family than you should, you may have a problem. If you’re already burned out from running your business day in and day out, now more than ever is the best time to delegate the tasks you’re cramming (read on...)

Small Business Pointers To Weather The Economic Storm

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If you look at the present state of the world economy, it’s easy to see that there are too many variables creating a period of uncertainty and confusion amongst both consumers and entrepreneurs. The situation in Wall Street is of course totally different, as the financial services industry (read on...)

Weebles Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down! Honesty They Don’t

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I consider myself very lucky to have been a child growing up in the seventies. I could ride my bike without a helmet, play in the woods without fear, and I didn’t have to carry a cell phone to report in to my parents. I knew that when the sun went down, it was time to go home! Also, there (read on...)

Leadership at Work in Small Business Setup

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If you think leadership has no role in a small business setup, think again. I presume some aspiring entrepreneurs aren’t so keen about becoming a leader mainly because they run their business single-handedly. But that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. I’m pretty sure as a (read on...)

Niche Marketing – Key to Small Business Success

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Although your small business can’t compete on equal grounds with a large business, it can definitely be as profitable and as successful, well at least in terms of ratios and percentages. At any rate, niche marketing is perhaps the most effective way for your small business to succeed. With (read on...)