How "Emotional" Business Branding Affects Your Business

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When you think about it, even for a second, you don’t have to stretch your mind too far to think of the dozens of ways that the world of business has dramatically changed, especially over the past decade. One thing that’s remained consistent, however, is the concept of business (read on...)

Branding Defined: The Importance of Branding for Business Success

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Years ago I bought “Apostrophe,” an album by the late Frank Zappa. In one of the songs were the words: “The crux of the biscuit is found in the apostrophe.” Being a young man at the time, it took me a while to understand what Frank meant with those words. I think he meant (read on...)

The Importance of Brand Consistency

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For some reason, some marketers just simply want to create new things all the time. At some point, they would like to change the logo title, or create a new tagline. Sometimes they would even go ahead and add a decorative icon, or maybe even make up a new name for the organization. Others would (read on...)

What Are the Top 10 Tips for Small Business Branding?

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Managing a business is not an easy job but promoting your business may be as hard as anyone else could ever imagine. And some small business owners thought that they have only limited things in order to manage and promote their business then they are definitely wrong. And some think that branding (read on...)

Custom Lanyards – Perfect for So Many Events

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If you are planning on setting up a sports tournament or similar event, you will find that custom lanyards will be invaluable. In many cases, sports tournaments will involve a large number of people who will all be unfamiliar with each other and possibly the location of the event. To help make (read on...)

How to Create Awareness For Your New Brand

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Would you like to know how to create awareness to your personal or business brand? Have you ever thought about what emotions,images or adjectives around your brand or what people say when they think of you? Are you top of mind to those individuals that desperately need your help? The adjectives, (read on...)

My Top Three Tips to Help You Build an Excellent Brand

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Building a brand requires a good grasp of proven marketing trends that work well with that particular brand. Setting a brand apart from the competition requires attention to the quality of the brand and competitive pricing of the brand. My top three tips to help you build an excellent brand that (read on...)

For Effective Branding Know Thy Prospects

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If you are a business person who is charged with the task of creating a brand image for your company, there certainly is a great deal to think about before implementing your new branding strategy. Among these considerations are the questions who am I, who is my audience, and who are my (read on...)

Small Business Branding: How to Do It Well Through Proper Customer Care

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Well, you have finally taken a bold step and gone into business for yourself. Naturally, you are worried about whether or not your business is going to “take” with the potential clients out there. Yes, that can be accomplished, and successfully, when the client starts to identify your (read on...)

Branding Simplified: How To Brand Your Startup Business

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Do you know that you do not need lots of money to start your own small business?  In fact, a multibillion-dollar beauty products company started up in a garage, when an entrepreneur decided to use some of her grandmother’s beauty recipes to make up beauty products and sell them to her (read on...)

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