One Value Sentence Statement: Business Branding

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One Sentence Value? Is it possible to capture and communicate anything of value about your brand and what you offer using just a one sentence value? With only 20 to 60 seconds to catch a site visitor’s, or possible client’s, attention, you can draw them into your site content and set (read on...)

Branding: Why Is It Important?

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We see examples of branding every day. Almost every company (and certainly every major company) will have a strong brand. Initially, we should look at what branding can be defined as. In terms of business, it is basically defining a product or company through a consistent and characteristic (read on...)

Personalised Number Plates – Building Your Business Branding

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Personalised number plates are just for fun, right? No longer true! Savvy business people have been using personalised number plates for their business branding for years, but it is only now really taking off as a recognised strategy. Businesses that run a fleet of service vehicles will generally (read on...)

Branding and Your Business

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Branding your business includes several components: Brand Personality You know what a personality is; everyone has one. Some people have more of it than others, and some have more pleasant, exciting, or disagreeable ones than others. Your job in branding is to figure out the personality of your (read on...)

Employing Proper Business Branding Strategies and Tips

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What is a Branding Strategy? A brand is not just a logo or a name, it represents your business identity. Therefore, it is a crucial part of the start up process for any business. Branding strategies are employed to provide the fundamental steps and recognize the valuable tools that will help (read on...)

Should You Brand Yourself? It Depends

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Many small business owners ask whether or not they should use their name as the brand for their company and if they should invest in doing so, or if they should perhaps use their name as the company name and brand both simultaneously. Branding has always been an important concept for a business. (read on...)

Is Business Branding Only Necessary for the Big Boys?

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It is very easy to dismiss the need to brand yourself and then your business when you have a small business. After all, it is really only important for big businesses right? How wrong, in fact it is just as essential to brand yourself and your small business with the same diligence. Small online (read on...)

Importance of Branding: Top 10 Reasons to Build a Brand

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The importance of branding can be understood from the simple fact that a business is said to be successful only when it earns identification among the customers. People know and prefer a business through business branding that encompasses components like business logo, name and byline. Each of (read on...)

Is Branding Important to Your Business?

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What kind of business do you have?  More importantly, what do people think of at the mention of your business?  How do they feel?  Do they recommend it to their friends and family?  Do they look forward to their next visit with eager anticipation?  Do they have confidence that they will be (read on...)

Why Professional Stationary Is Important for Any Company

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Any company can benefit from having professional stationary designed for them. With surprisingly low prices for professionally branded stationary including customised ring binders, A4 folders and clipboards, you don’t have to be a large multinational to take advantage of professional (read on...)

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