5 Common Branding Bloopers You Want to Avoid

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Failing to know your target marketBefore you can even think about building a brand that works, you need to know who your audience is. All too often a business will throw themselves in the faces of the public without properly assessing their target market. You can have the flashiest logo and (read on...)

How Brand Perception Can Help Your Business

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A brand is much more than just a logo. As a brand is built, a logo takes on its attributes. Think of the logos for famous trusted brands such as Google, Apple, eBay and Kelloggs. The logo will instantly come to mind and each logo is imbued with brand associations whether they are dependability, (read on...)

Persuasive Branding – Brand Marketing Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

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Most people have no idea how to create a brand that persuades…they usually just try to “creates awareness.” There is no point in creating awareness if you’re not selling. Think about Apple for a second… Apple has built a brand that persuades people to (read on...)

Chuck Norris Vs The Most Interesting Man In The World – Lessons in Branding

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Let’s get ready to rumble! In the blue corner you may know him as Col. James Braddock, Maj. Scott McCoy, or. Walker Texas Ranger. He’s the man, the legend, Chuck Norris. In the red corner, he bowls overhand, sharks have a week dedicated to him, he’s won trophies for his game (read on...)

Simplifying Online Brand Building

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Brand building is essential for anyone wanting to build a business online being it will make you more competitive. With that being said it is important to realize building a brand online is not difficult nor does it require special skills to do so successfully. Following are the 3 basic stages (read on...)

It’s Never Too Late For Building a Brand

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Although building a brand is something that should be started as soon as possible for anyone who works online it is never too late to do so! Ideally, as most profitable businesses will tell you, brand building is something you want to begin work on as soon as possible to improve your promotional (read on...)

10 Benefits From Brand Building

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Brand building has many benefits; freedom, happiness, and money, to name just a few. Read on to find out how a personal branding strategy can benefit you today! Money: Well-known, quality brands command top dollar. You’ll pay more for a BMW than you will for a Kia. It will cost you more to (read on...)

What’s the Difference Between an Identity and a Brand Anyway?

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Small business owners are always asking me for marketing ideas. I’ve found that often, they hear a new buzz word but don’t know what that marketing term really means to their small business. Two of my favorites to define that I feel are the most important for EVERY small business (read on...)

The Practical Side – How Can You Build Your Own Brand?

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Your first step to building your brand is understanding yourself. Our research with executives has shown us that there are 6 components that make up your brand – your values, mission, goals, talents, behavioral style and habits. A little digression is in order here. What we have found is (read on...)

Company Branding – The Basics For Entrepreneurs

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How to Communicate Your Brand From print to media to in-person contact, every chance of communicating with your consumers should be highlighted by your brand. What you have to offer can be conveyed by your brand through your logo, your tag line, your slogan, your business name, your products, (read on...)