9 Ways Successful People Build Rapport

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Recall a time when you are the outsider-trying to find ways to connect with the crowd, feeling different, and fumbling to find topics of mutual interest. Crowds can be a lonely place. They are full of people who are different from us. It’s easier to spend time with others who are similar (read on...)

Effective Webcasting – Rapport Is the Key

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Creating rapport with customers through company websites is becoming an essential building block to increased sales and those all-important relationships. In the ‘old days’, long before the Internet, we relied on advertising or potential customers phoning or calling in to our business (read on...)

Do You Build Business Rapport?

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What do you mean by business rapport? If you’ve been in sales more than one week, you’ve probably heard about bonding and rapport. But…has anyone ever taught you the difference between business rapport and non-business rapport? Rapport is defined as “A close and harmonious (read on...)

Building Rapport With FORM

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Building rapport is key to successful sales, especially in a cold call to close situation. Acronyms often make it easier to keep track to behavior. A great example of this is the acronym F.O.R.M. as a method to build rapport and trust with a prospect. I’m not suggesting you hide your (read on...)

Sales – The Major Stages of Sales

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Many things can cause one sale to be different from another. However, there are some steps which are common to nearly every sales effort. Here are five of these major stages which you should take the time to study and master: Building rapport with your prospect At first, your primary goal is to (read on...)

Tips For Bedding Sales – A Strong First Impression

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Giving your full name sets you apart. You sound professional. I’ve had people tell me over the years, “Cathy, forget it! My last name is too long and too hard to pronounce!” Guess what? The L-O-N-G-E-R it is and the harder it is, the easier it is for them to remember it. It (read on...)

How to Build Rapport With Your Prospect

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When you see an advertisement from a nameless, faceless organization… do you trust the message? Do you feel a rapport with the organization? Or are you a little skeptical and cold towards this sort of approach? Obviously, you are going to feel closer to a company if they put a friendly (read on...)

How to Close the Sale

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In sales, you understand the importance of learning how to close a sale. It’s what your primary objective is and without the close, you’ve completely lost the sale. There are many ways to go about the closing process and there are ways to absolutely increase your effectiveness in (read on...)

Building Unstoppable Sales Confidence

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With many different ways of effectively getting the sale, one comes to mind that is very important and essential to your entire sales process: Having superb and unshaken confidence when it comes to presenting your one-of-a-kind offer. Confidence is a very elusive part of sales and even everyday (read on...)

How to Build Rapport So That You Can Close the Deal

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With a sense of trust among consumers being so important in sales these days, and increases in technology putting more and more emphasis on accurate information and a professional web presence, there are many ways that companies and salespeople can learn to build rapport with customers and (read on...)

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