A General Guide on a Balanced Scorecard

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Today, in order to succeed in any business it is imperative to have a strategy, no matter how big or small your company is. Strategic vision is what protects companies from financial disasters. Well, to be honest nothing protects business from a recession. However, if company top managers expect (read on...)

Management Initiatives: Which Is The Best Prescription?

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We often refer to management as if it were another person. This is true whether we are an employee, customer, vendor, stakeholder, regulator, legislator, or another manager in the business. If management were a human person, it could have the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. (read on...)

Six Sigma – Five Key Elements of Balanced Scorecard

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There are five key elements to the use of Six Sigma and the balanced scorecard (BSC) that can all be used to analyze business information in such a way that will allow you to use it to net positive results. They are as follows. The first is voice of the customer. It is important to know your (read on...)

Six Sigma – How Balanced Scorecard Links To Business Performance

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By following the Six Sigma/Balanced Scorecard approach, management can see how process improvements are integrated with and closely aligned to the performance of strategic objectives. This is the focus of Six Sigma and balanced scorecard. This is a way to strive for the successes and repair the (read on...)

Six Sigma – Benefits of Using Balanced Scorecard

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The key processes of an organization, along with the changes that are introduced during project execution, along with the ongoing customer feedback where performance is concerned, is what will break the voice of the customer down to vital processes. Targets will then be assigned to vital (read on...)