What’s the Call to Action?

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When it comes to marketing your brand, there is always a goal. You want your audience to sign up for your newsletter, follow you in Twitter and Facebook, comment on your blog posts, buy your products, and obtain your services. You want them to complete an objective – to like your posts, (read on...)

Tracky and Your Brand

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Managing your time wisely is absolutely a great challenge and adventure! In addition to work, you have to monitor your social media accounts, manage your teams and projects, network with other people, promote your brand, connect with your partners or employees, engage with your customers and (read on...)

How to Monitor Your Business Brand

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Monitoring your business brand is important because it is how you will know if your marketing strategy is effective or not. With businesses taking their brands to social media sites, the need to monitor how brands are perceived by consumers is a must. It is through monitoring that you find out (read on...)

3 Simple Essentials for Creating Any Brand

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Whether you want to create a brand for a company, a particular product or service – or merely want to create your own personal brand built around who you are and what you excel at – the three essentials for creating a brand remain basically the same: Uniqueness, Focus, and Acceptance. (read on...)

HootSuite and Your Brand

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Many brands have embarked on a social media campaign in order to reach a wider audience and effectively promote brand awareness. Of course, with so many social media accounts you need to sign up for in order to effectively promote your brand, it can be tricky to manage them all. Though you can (read on...)

Efficient Brand Management Secrets: How To Organize Your Branding For Maximum ROI

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Your brand is the foundation of your business success, so it’s crucial to acknowledge branding as your number one ally to positioning you as the go-to expert in your field, and prioritize it accordingly. However, since everything you (and members of your team) do or don’t do affects (read on...)

A Viable Approved Vendor List Requires A Robust Audit Protocol

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To support their global Approved Vendor List (AVL) Supplier Audit Initiative, a recent client wanted to establish a supplier audit protocol, as well as interview, select and evaluate lead auditors to conduct potential high consequence supplier audits. The initiative would ensure that suppliers (read on...)

Internal Branding – The Key To Reconnecting Your Customers And Employees

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So how does an organisation manage its customer experience to ensure its people, processes and culture are reinforcing customer expectations? A key foundation of customer experience management is internal branding. Internal branding in essence is ‘living’ and ‘delivering (read on...)

Are You Your Own Personal Brand Manager?

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Your answer to this question should be “YES!” unless, of course, you are a celebrity or any other global personality who can afford an entire marketing team to manage your image and reputation. We should all be taking charge in creating, establishing and managing our own personal (read on...)

Marketing a Challenger Brand

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If you manage a brand that is the category leader then the overall objective of your marketing strategy should be to defend the leadership position, in particular against the competitor that is close behind, the challenger. The challenger is the number two brand in the category and has enough (read on...)