Your Icon Brand Identity (Part 1)

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Over the next week I will discuss icon Brand image projection in four parts starting with Your icon brand identity. I chose this topic because I believe that you cannot authentically project what you do not posses. Even if you do not physically have £10,000,000 you must strongly believe in your (read on...)

Branding Fundamentals: The Golden Rules of Personal Branding

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Your branding strategy should be viewed as a living, breathing and perpetually evolving entity. Just as with the actions of an actual person, your branding efforts will build a lasting reputation. This reputation is based on people’s perception of your brand’s appearance, its (read on...)

5 Branding Tips for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

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A strong brand is important in this day and age of constant advertising everywhere we turn. Having a strong brand would ensure that your ideal customers think of you as the best provider before anyone else in your industry or niche. If you’re a solopreneur, start-up or entrepreneur and you (read on...)

The Biggest Branding Mistakes To Avoid

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Branding is like an umbrella; it covers pretty much everything you do in business. And, to stay dry, especially during these challenging times, it’s important to make sure there aren’t any holes in it. Obviously, the holes are the mistakes, but you can easily avoid them if only (read on...)

Do Companies Really Need to Spend on a Good Logo Design?

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A logo is a graphic design used by companies to promote their instant brand recognition and brand themselves. A logo is a company’s identity. Given its importance and potential market exposure, the designing and selection of a logo is nearly as important as the company’s name. It is (read on...)

When Did Advertising Become Entertainment?

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I must have missed the memo. When did it become mandatory to entertain people with advertising? Aren’t there enough lame sitcoms out there to watch? I guess I’m too old school. I come from a background where advertising was educational, informational, and about brand identity. As an (read on...)

Top 10 Tips for Branding Success

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1. Put your customers first – Identify who they are and how they think. What are the factors that lead them to want your product or service? Now match your business offering to match their needs. 2. Brand identity – A strong element of how your company is seen by your customers, your (read on...)

Why Branding Is Most Is Important In Building A Business

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Branding is one of the most important part of starting a new business. Creating a unique branding for the business will enhance and support the marketing strategy. A company or business can create a huge difference in the minds of its prospects and audience by creating a powerful branding for it. (read on...)

How To Choose The Right Color For Your Brand

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A strong brand identity is much more than a logo. It is several visual elements that work together to form a distinctive and cohesive whole. This includes well-crafted typography selections, a memorable logo, various graphic elements that have the flexibility to span across all types of (read on...)

Identify Your Business Through Marketing Strategy

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In the current economy where we are all victims of globalisation and lower barriers to business entry brought about via online technologies, effective marketing strategies are paramount to business survival. Why? you may ask…We need to identify our business, that’s why! By Marketing (read on...)