3 Ways To Brand Your Business

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Today, many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of what the social media such as free-hosting blog sites, Facebook and Twitter has been offering them in order to make their brand known to the world. However, branding does not simply address your business; as the entrepreneur, you also need to come (read on...)

Creating Brand Awareness for Luxury Brands

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Many market segments have suffered greatly because of the recession. The average consumer is spending less than ever before, and its causing many brands to suffer greatly. Thankfully, luxury brands have not been hit anywhere near as hard. Rich consumers did not make any significant changes to (read on...)

Shorten the Sales Cycle and Reduce Advertising Expenditures

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The Rosen Velocity Scale is a process tool used in advertising to drive and measure the speed in which the communication stimulates the interaction between customers and the brand via all marketing channels. The velocity allows marketers to tune the assertiveness of the communication to their (read on...)

Apply Quality Vehicle Graphics to Gain Favorable Brand Recognition Across Demographics

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Vehicle graphics are often applied to cars and trucks to market products and services and strengthen company branding. As one of the more cost-effective advertising platforms, automobile graphics should be carefully designed so as not to appear too busy and lose the intended message in the fray. (read on...)

Kentucky Fried Taco Hut?

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Several years ago during a road trip, while trying to decide where to stop for a quick meal, one of my friends suggested “Kentucky Fried Taco Hut.” Amused, I asked what in the world he was talking about: he meant the multi-branded Yum (a holding company that owns and operates Taco (read on...)

How To Build Your Brand With Pinterest

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Pinterest is the “new kind on the block”; it’s the new rockstar of social media, and whether you like scrapbooking or not, Pinterest is a powerful branding tool you can’t afford to ignore. Creating collections of cool photos and interesting clippings by pinning them (read on...)

Brand Awareness: Building Your Business Identity

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The key to making a brand name popular lies within the actual name itself. In particular, the easier such a name is to remember, the more likely it is to be widely promoted by people. Whilst a few years ago, such awareness relied largely on word of mouth alone, we now live in a world of instant (read on...)

Use Twitter for Your Business

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Which goals can be achieved using Twitter? You do not start to Tweet just to Tweet. Before you start using Twitter it is essential that you first set clear goals. There are many achievable goals that Twitter can achieve. I have made a selection of the most popular goals: 1. Creating a better (read on...)

Improve Brand Value Through Packaging

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In almost all industries and niche markets, the competition is getting tougher. The fact that small and medium sized businesses can now compete on a level playing online means all businesses should strive to improve to avoid being left in a rut. Increasing a product’s value is one way to (read on...)

Building Brand Awareness With Focus On Retail Packaging

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The advent of the internet has changed a lot of things. The print media for example is going the way of cassette tapes, VHS, and probably the old MTV we love. The main reason for this is that people today are finding it easier to read their news online. This change in how we do things is also (read on...)