Brand Image: How To Promote Your Home Business With Your Brand Image

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Having developed a brand image, it’s important for you to embark on the continuous process of promoting your business using it. You need to communicate your brand image to the people you are targeting in your business. Your success in creating your brand awareness will depend largely on (read on...)

Creating A Brand Your Customers Trust

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If you want customers to purchase products or services from you, then it’s important to make them feel assured that they’re dealing with a credible business. This is especially true of an online business – since your customers are giving out their their credit card number and (read on...)

Brands Which Have Turned Around Their Business – Titan and Woodland

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This article throws light on two very famous brands in India, which started on an uncertain note, but have later turned around their business. Both, Titan and Woodland are household names now in the Indian market. Great lessons can be learned from the stories of these brands. Woodland “You (read on...)

The Effective Ways To Build Your Brand

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In the branding process Recognition Building is a very complex task. You are given many alternative ways to build recognition, but you must always begin from inside an organisation and later start working towards the outside world, the competition and the customers. Corporate OverviewEvery (read on...)

Why Aren’t You Selling As Much As You Should?

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If you are like most companies, your sales conversation starts in one of two ways: a detailed PowerPoint laundry list of your features and benefits or you look at them and ask “What keeps you awake at night?” In either case, you are putting yourself behind the eight ball right from (read on...)

Building a Personal Brand for More Employment Opportunities

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IntroductionIn May, the four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal received his doctorate degree from Barry University. After a year into NBA retirement and after 19 seasons in the league, Shaq decided to rebrand himself. Many NBA superstars leave college early with the desire of wealth and (read on...)

Brand Development – Understanding Your Audience

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The Brand misconception. There is a common misconception that “Branding” and “Marketing” are one and the same. Although closely related to each other, they are in fact quite different from one another. The “Brand” is about setting the stage and mood, while (read on...)

The Perils of Mass Marketing

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I’m glad not everyone is like me. Not that I am not a nice person. Quite the contrary, if I lived next door to myself, me and myself would be best buddies, especially as we have so much in common. No, the reason I am glad to be different is that I tend to avoid widely advertised products. (read on...)

Are Your Company Values Fanciful Words or A Measurable Compass?

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Building a company and brand today is very different from building one 50 years ago. It used to be that a couple of executives got together in a board room, wrote some fanciful, aspirational words on a flip chart and Bobs your uncle, the company’s values and brand positioning was (read on...)

Criteria for Effective Logo Design – Strengthen Your Brand Image

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There is a criteria by which to measure an effective logo design. Everyone has an opinion, however, there are some standards that should always be strived for in the creation of a mark for your organization. Here is how I measure such effectiveness in my logo design work. Simple: reduced to (read on...)