Understanding Hourly Rate Call Center Outsourcing

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You’ve taken the first step in the call center outsourcing process – you’ve decided to outsource. Congratulations, you have now joined the ranks of thousands of smart minded business leaders all around the world. But before you sign that contract, its important to understand how (read on...)

The Global Village and How It Affected the World

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Today’s generation has been dubbed to be founded on the concept of the Global Village. It simply means that every person in this world is interconnected one way or the other. This way, the gap between countries and cultures are being narrowed down into an indivisible line. The internet is (read on...)

Effective Use of Telemarketing

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The telemarketing sector is running on taut territory. There are resources that the call center needs to protect. They have to work on tight financial leashes because clients are running on a cash crunch as well. Finally, there’s the competitive market out there that your BPO unit has to (read on...)

Traits of a Telemarketing Agent

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The call center industry firmly believes that for an agent to be a successful telemarketer, he/she needs to be trained well. While this notion cannot be refuted, there is no reason to take it as the Gospel of truth. There are several ways in which soft skills make a successful BPO agent. These (read on...)

The BPO Management Story

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The BPO firm, like all other business firms, needs a cracking management team. The reigns of the company should be in the hands of people who have a vision, a plan to achieve that and most importantly, the faith in that vision. Many call center firms went haywire despite a successful start (read on...)

Call Center Telemarketing Skills

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Hiring a BPO firm to outsource telemarketing work involves planning. You need research to find out how your preferred call center destination conducts telemarketing. Does it follow the set standards of the answering service industry? Do they innovate? All these answers are needed to come at an (read on...)

Business Acronyms Explained – A Note on Terminology With Examples

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Continuing from the last article, we probe deeper into some important business acronyms, and get behind the jargon to see how they apply to our business success on the web. EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer is an essential piece of terminology describing the various methods of conducting financial (read on...)

How to Gain Market Share

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Expanding the business for market share is a difficult decision for any entity. While going for market share, company has to consider every detail and factors which are critical in determining the methods to be used. Success and failure of the company depends on decisions such as when, where, and (read on...)

Basic Guidelines For Market Research

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Market research is necessary to know your consumer, business, and competition. It can also help you identify your consumer groups’ buying patterns and your market’s profitability. Market research is essential when you are planning to expand into new business, to launch a new product (read on...)

Steps Taken by BPOs to Keep Female Employees Safe

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Security has been an issue in many of the BPO companies in India. Due to the unwanted incidents harming the security of female BPO employees in the past many companies have wised up. Nowadays almost all BPOs make sure that their employees do not suffer any untoward incident while on duty or while (read on...)