Five Minutes a Day to Better Sales: How to Advance Your Career in Five Minutes A Day

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Successful sales professionals always work on their skills to keep their career alive. They know that they’ll slip into sales oblivion if they don’t stay fresh and always improving. In this article, you’ll discover how to invest just five minutes a day to intentionally grow your (read on...)

How To Jump Your Sales Numbers Starting Today

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People don’t love sales professionals because people hate being ripped off. It is part of human nature. Nobody likes to make the wrong decision. This hurts the honest, hardworking sales professional, because many sales representatives don’t think into the future. Instead, they think (read on...)

Getting Customers Begins by Engaging Your Target Market Before the First Contact

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Many businesses, organizations and professional sales people believe the first contact is where the engagement between the potential customer (a.k.a. prospect) begins and this may be why 30% to 70% of all sales targets are missed. This engagement also begins before what some call the Points of (read on...)

Build Business – How To Lead Customers Anywhere

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You can build business with a technique used by professional public speakers to completely control an audience. And you can learn it in just a few minutes so you can use it with your customers. This particular build business process is simple. It is the process of having an audience, or customer, (read on...)

Small Business Owners Break The Slow-Business Blues With Two Simple Strategies

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A pair of simple business strategies will smooth the up-down, roller coaster like sales cycles small business owners experience in this economy. The small business owner is usually so involved in day-to-day operations he or she does not have time to attend to the ever important task of marketing, (read on...)

Tips on How to Sell Your Products

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Have you noticed how sales could be stagnant, even though your goods are of the best brand and of the highest quality? At certain times you might even be selling at moderate price but the sales just do not happen. It is not all about the product and services, sometimes it is about the users of (read on...)

Passion Sells! Are They Buying You?

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Schools of up to 300+ Hammerhead sharks, churning balls of 10,000 Trevally, turtles, Leopard sharks, Gray Reef sharks, a stunning array of 98% coral cover… These were some of my daily sights in 1997 when I used to work as a diving instructor at a 5* resort called Layang Layang, a 2000m deep (read on...)

Increasing Your Sales

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If you’re a small business owner, you undoubtedly have asked yourself a thousand times – how can I increase my sales? Some people make better sales persons than others – what characteristics or qualities can I hone to become more successful? Contrary to what you may be thinking, (read on...)

Tips For Better Sales

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These eight tips are dedicated to helping you get and keep customers, a primary concern to all business owners. Eight Tips for Better Sales 1. Convey a positive, enthusiastic attitude. 2. Believe your company and your supporting vendors are the best. 3. Show how your products and services can (read on...)

Get Some Sales Skills That Create Sales

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Sales skills are something that is required by everyone in the field of sales. If you want to be a better sales person then you must strive to become better and improve all the skills that exist in you already. You can do this by either reading books written on the subject or by watching movies (read on...)

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