5 Techniques To Market Your Startup

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To survive in the existing highly competitive business world it is very important for a startup company to use outstanding marketing strategies. Here are five awesome marketing techniques to market a startup business. Choose a local market: To initially make a buzz about the product it is best (read on...)

How to Use Lead Management System Efficiently

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Companies spend millions of dollars generating leads and yet most of them do not translate into business. Marketing people fail to keep track as to what actually happens to the leads post they go to the sales channels. In other words there is no effective measurement or ROI. But there is a (read on...)

Explaining B2B Marketing

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if you are a resident of Land of Lincoln, here’s your perfect guide to buy that perfect car.Business to Business (B2B) marketing is when one business sells their goods or services to another business rather than a specific purchaser; this means the other business is free to sell the goods (read on...)

How B2B Organizations Should Define Target Audiences

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Marketing is a rigorous knowledge area that is discussed in undergraduate classes and practiced as a critical skill in the real world. Tens of thousands of hours are allocated in studying, designing, and executing marketing methods while billions of dollars have already been spent by (read on...)

B2B Marketing – 3 Marketing Paths And 2 Are Dangerous

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I’ve seen it all too many times. B2B business owners struggle with their revenue and cash flow because they’ve not done any marketing. But I’ve also seen the other end of the spectrum. A business owner realizes the problem with not having marketing activity in place, makes the (read on...)

B2B Marketing – Inbound Marketing Is Occurring: Are You In The Market?

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Statistics say that over 70% of customers search before they buy. That is the essence of inbound marketing – customers come "in" and review your website and blog and qualify themselves. Businesses that provide customers with the information they need to self-qualify and allow them (read on...)

Is Your Social Media Strategy Like Intel in 2006?

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There is a fascinating article in Saturday’s National Post (one of Canada’s two national newspapers) about Intel. Did you know that in 2006 Intel decided to get out of the mobile business? At that time they didn’t see the future in it. Even some of the best scientific minds (read on...)

How to Create Customer Loyalty With On-Line Marketing?

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This is the age of social media, people can express any thought or feeling to a wide audience at any given time through sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and personal blogs. This means that feedback can be given about anything, you Google it and it’s there, consumer, restaurant and even (read on...)

Is Your Company Getting Found Through Social Media?

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Happy New Year and I hope 2012 is your best year yet in every way. And now that it is January 2012, can you think of a better time to jump start your business? With most of the world mired in recession, and everywhere else believing it will spread, there is no better time to act than right now. (read on...)

B2B Marketing: Increasing Revenue With Outsourced Lead Management

January 5, 2012 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Marketing 

In B2B marketing, managers typically prefer to develop cost cutting strategies rather than come up with ways to increase revenues. It’s somewhat easier to reduce expenses by eliminating processes, consolidating vendors or, in a worst case scenario, laying off staff. Just like your personal (read on...)

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