Is There a Simple System to Get Sales Fast?

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Do you know why most people in the insurance and financial services industries fail? They don’t fail because they can’t sell. They don’t fail because they don’t set appointments. They fail because they can’t get enough appointments with the right people. In this (read on...)

How Purchasing Online Leads Can Smooth the Way to More Successful Sales

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Although still a relatively new phenomenon, the ability for agents to buy online leads has already created a seismic shift in the way they will do business from now on. Though lead purchasing probably will not ever entirely replace the tried and true methods of old school advertising and working (read on...)

How Great Phone Etiquette Can Help Seal the Deal

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One of the top mistakes made by health insurance agents is to think that once the leads have been purchased their work is done. In reality, first contact with a potential buyer is the make or break moment, and proper phone etiquette can go a long way toward building a positive client (read on...)

How to Leave a Pitch Perfect Message

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When working your newly purchased leads, it can be frustrating to get an answering machine instead of a real person. Many agents say they don’t even bother leaving a message, because the amount that call back is so low. However, by employing a few simple strategies an answering machine can (read on...)

Call Scripts That Work

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The last thing you want when contacting potential clients is to sound like a telemarketer working off a generic call script. There is no easier way to lose the interest of a future client, even a solid one purchased through an online lead generating company, than by reading out uninspired (read on...)

Mistakes to Avoid When Just Starting Out

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Internet generated leads are the hot new thing right now, but with so many options available, how do you know where to turn to find the best company to suit your needs and provide you with the most promising prospects? Here are some tips on what to avoid during your search for the perfect (read on...)

What Exclusive Leads Can Do For You

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No matter where you look, the fact remains that exclusive leads will always be more expensive. Yet, if these leads will help you to close more sales, the initial expense can be well worth the result. However, make sure that you aren’t sabotaging your own success by coming to the table (read on...)

Build a Website That Works

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Your website is your 24-hour calling card on the world wide web, and it’s important to have it at its best and brightest at all times as both an advertisement of your services and so that clients and potential clients can browse and find the information they are seeking. When working your (read on...)

The Perils of Incentivised Leads

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When shopping around for a lead generation company, it’s important to keep in mind that not all companies are procuring their information in a way that will best benefit you and your business. Some companies may be providing big numbers, but if they’re supplying you with (read on...)