Promotion Burnout

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With the face of publishing changing, many authors are finding themselves having to hustle to get their own promotions for their books on the roll. One of the main complaints is burnout. Lot’s of work to do, but only a few (sometimes just the author) to do it. WHAT LEADS TO IT The major way (read on...)

Three Immediate Steps You Need to Take In Order To Start Building Your Author Platform

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Authors have always had to take on some form of marketing for their book or eBook. But now through self-publishing this responsibility falls entirely on the author. The internet is constantly evolving and changing and it can be a very daunting beast for the novice author or online marketer. As a (read on...)

Using Bobble Head Dolls to Promote Your Book or Comics

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A lot of popular individuals and businesses owe a part of their popularity to custom bobble heads. They had bobble head dolls customized in order to be used as a promotional tool. With the help of a good custom figurine manufacturer, they had a promotional strategy that was hip and fresh. This (read on...)

Salespeople – Welcome a Yes, Push For a No, Avoid Maybes, and Never Accept Silence!

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If you’re in your own business, and even if you work for others, you are also a salesperson. Your business card can read lawyer, plumber, or dog-groomer; and you’ll still persuade for a living, if only to convince your boss you’re worth retaining. Typically, the more effective (read on...)

A Philosophic Guide to Selling For Modern Businesses

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Commerce, no doubt is the engine room of life, the backbone of any economy – be it developed or developing. Nothing intrigues me more on any journey – be it in a car on a motorway or a train – than the scenery of several billboards with various sales pitch competing for every (read on...)

Corporate Sales Training Programs Are Too Costly, Too Bloated, & Counterproductive

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The first thing you worry about when designing a new sales training program isn’t whether the material will be useful or practical. If you’ve been a successful seller, you know you’re offering good techniques. Heck, they’ve worked for you, right? While organizing the (read on...)

How to Get Hooked on the Sales Habit

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Vince Lombardi, legendary Green Bay Packers coach once said: “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” The same can be said for selling. It is a trained reflex, just as a pro football player has a “body memory,” where he automatically does what’s necessary, (read on...)

The Primary Importance of Reliability

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We hear today that our customers are seeking reliability – from our products, networks, and systems. This definition of reliability essentially means a “consistent performance over an extended period of time.” Reliability cannot be overstated as one of the important factors in (read on...)

The Power of Simplicity

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Driving home from the airport and listening to sports talk radio, the discussion was on great play-by-play sports broadcasters. To my delight, one of my favorites was on the panel voicing his opinions – and, it DOES have an impact on your career and business! My hometown of Indianapolis is (read on...)

What We Practice to Ignore – May Prove to Help Us Even More!

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As with most people who have a premium internet business, I get a lot of email and I have developed some acute instincts for when to read an email and when to delete it. I know many experienced marketers will tell you that the more times an ad is placed in front of prospects, the more likely they (read on...)

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