How to Attract Holistic Health Clients With Your One-Minute Marketing Message

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A One-Minute Marketing Message is a short, concise spoken promotion for your holistic health practice. Known in the marketing industry as an “elevator speech,” it is a term describing a quick description of your business that you can use when you have only a few seconds to get your (read on...)

To Attract Clients, You Need Clarity

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With many distractions, opportunities, and demands on our time and resources it’s never been more important to focus on clarity in your business. There is a saying that a confused mind doesn’t buy. Because there is so much choice potential customers and clients will be drawn towards (read on...)

Why Branding Your Business Is Much More Than Creating A Logo

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When people think about a brand often the first thing that comes to mind is the company logo and perhaps a tagline. However, your business brand is much more than your logo. It is a critical part of your marketing mix and done well will shout out to the marketplace at every touch point so that (read on...)

Want More Clients – Fire-Up Your Marketing

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Are you feeling a bit squeamish about marketing? Maybe you’re feeling a bit like you are pushing instead of attracting. And if you are pushing… you’ll likely to have a shortage of clients. That adds up to more month then paying clients. Not a good position to be in. So (read on...)

Allow More Abundance, Flow and Connection Into Your Business

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I was at my regular Friday morning yoga class recently and had a flash of inspiration about applying practices from yoga into business. I’ve been taking yoga classes for many, many years – long before it was as popular as it is today. I’m a certified yoga teacher and have taught (read on...)

Why Ads Don’t Work and 1 Tweak That Changes Everything

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We hear this from big-hearted healers all the time: “My business-card ad used to get calls like crazy. But now…nothing.” Sadly, we’re not surprised. Here’s what you need to know about advertising: It’s designed to take readers through a 4-step psychological (read on...)

How to Leverage Your Expertise Into Passive Income

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Some of the work I do with my clients involves mapping out their strategy to add information products to their existing services. If you provide professional services, did you know that it may be hard for you to achieve the kind of financial freedom you might want without having passive income in (read on...)

Three Powerful Reasons to Create a Unique Personal Brand

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Personal Branding is vital to your success in the new Creative Economy. Personal branding will bring you more recognition and respect… and more income. When lots of people know who you are and what message you stand for, you are in a much better position to be more fulfilled and more (read on...)

2 Quick Tips for Turning Consults Into Clients

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To the big-hearted healer, there’s nothing sweeter than the sound of the telephone ringing. That’s the gift you get when you’ve written your website so wisely that potential clients feel compelled to call YOU. Your job on the phone then is simply to confirm their hunch that (read on...)

3 Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t Overflowing With Clients

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If your service practice isn’t filled to the brim with your ideal clients and you find yourself constantly searching for clients, there are three main reasons to explain your struggles. I speak from a place of love and experience here, as I’ve been in each situation at some point in (read on...)