Product Management 101: How The Bar Rescue TV Show Can Teach You How To Turn Prospects Into Clients

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We’re going to kick it old school this time around and take a look at one of the key skills that every product manager should be good at, but all too often we’ve been working so hard that we’ve neglected this task: turning prospects into actual paying customers. If you (read on...)

Sex Appeal, Puppies, and Babies – The Science of Advertising

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If you are reading this article, odds are that the title stimulated your pleasure center or more anatomically – the “limbic system”. The “limbic system” is a part of your brain that releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine when you experience anything that (read on...)

Prevent Reader Boredom: Fresh Angles for Repeat Email Promotions

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When you have an upcoming event you hope people sign up to attend, you can’t just keep sending the same promotion twice or three times a week for a month. Ditto when you have a new product or service to promote. Somehow you must vary the subject line and message and keep those on your list (read on...)

The Ability to Influence

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When you first read the title of this article your immediate thought was probably that this was a piece about leadership because leadership is the ability to influence. This article is all about leadership and much more! When you have a product and or a service to market, be that product a (read on...)

If Your Business Had a Voice, Who Would it Sound Like?

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Does your marketing sound most like… Your last economics teacher…? A frazzled work-at-home mom with two kids…? A charming but cheeky young British girl…? A super-techie computer nerd…? Ryan Seacrest…? And even more importantly, how do your prospects respond to (read on...)

Stand Tall As a Meerkat

June 4, 2010 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Management 

if you can see all there is to see then you will be the most successful you can be. Meerkat’s stand tall and embody an alert search around them for all the information they can get for their survival and success. You can do the same by knowing what is going on, what you are doing yourself (read on...)

Stealth Marketing – How to Outwit, Outmaneuver and Outmarket Your Competition

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Stealth marketing, also known as “guerilla” marketing, is a means of multiplying a business’s profits exponentially using common-sense, but underutilized, techniques. What makes it “stealthy” is that in any industry dominated by large businesses there is a sort of (read on...)

Product Presentations – How to Differentiate Your Products From the Competition

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In almost every sales instance, the customers has been in contact with our product category before. Either they are already using a competitors product or they have been approached by other salesmen before and said no. We are in a tough situation We have to show our customers that our products (read on...)

Creating Brand Awareness – Step 1 – Get the Prospect’s Attention

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Some people believe that spending big money on marketing will always produce brand awareness. Although this seems plausible it is absolutely false. In fact some poorly targeted marketing can even decrease awareness. One thing that can really make or break a campaign is getting noticed, which is (read on...)

How to Sell the Nervous Type Prospect

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To be able to sell someone we must first recognize the various types of prospects by their appearance, words, actions and personality. By observing these traits we can then build a strategy to sell them. Let’s start with the type of person who appears to be high strung, nervous and (read on...)

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