How to Bring Up Your Business In a Casual Conversation

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Knowing how to bring up your business in a casual conversation is often quite easy to do simply because one of the first questions people will often ask when you first meet them, is they will ask what you do. This is a good opening question for you to say what you do but the hard part is knowing (read on...)

Are You A Smarter Leader Than A 4th Grader?

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Can you answer that question? Keep reading and see if your answer changes. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to volunteer as a facilitator for a small group of 4th grade girls. Sponsored by the Girl Scouts, this program was created to help 4th grade girls craft a vision of their current (read on...)

Top 3 Sales Disasters to Avoid

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While on vacation, my wife and I agreed to a brief timeshare presentation. In my field, think of it as getting a front-row ticket to a spectator sport. In this case, we were actually interested in a new program offered by the company. My dad owns a property, and I wanted to learn more about their (read on...)

Five Ways to Build Your Small Business By Focusing on Your Clients and Their Needs

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It is time for me to ask you a tough question, would you buy from you? Business owners are tired of hearing about you and your wonderful product or service. Put away that dull power point presentation and stop sounding the same as the last two guys they spoke with! Think about what you could do (read on...)

How to Ask Questions

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(Can you ask questions that work for you?) “I’m not sure how to ask questions?” I don’t suppose you have ever found yourself in this predicament have you? You know you need to ask questions on your sales call, but you struggle to ask questions that are effective. Why (read on...)

Are You Boring Prospects With Your Questions?

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Questioning or probing as it is also known, is one of the most important skills you can learn when dealing with prospects and customers. The ability to ask questions that uncover important information about a prospect’s needs, current supply and willingness to change is a strong (read on...)

Are Minorities Ruling Your Sales Decisions?

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The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) recently banned radio stations from playing “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits after it received a SINGLE complaint from a minority group about the use of the word ‘faggot’ in the song. People who are familiar with the song (read on...)

Product Mangers Need To Do A Better Job Of Being Professional On Conference Calls

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Ah, conference calls / video calls – it’s a love / hate relationship that product managers have with this staple of the 21st Century workplace. Sure they are a great way to pull together a team that is working remotely, even in other countries, but there sure are a lot of drawbacks to (read on...)

6 Inherent Stresses of a Manager’s Job

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It does not matter what industry that you call home. Becoming a manager carries with it its own share of stresses that can bury you before you even get started if you are not prepared for the challenges. Nevertheless, it is possible to steer clear of the pitfalls and build a staff that achieves (read on...)

Where is My Inner Six Year Old When I Need It?

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One of the biggest issues for sales people is knowing the right questions to ask customers. In our experience many people complain of not knowing how to structure questions, or knowing what type to ask and when to ask them. In fact, we have found that many people are often caught wanting in the (read on...)