Seven Steps To Advertising Success And Article Marketing

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In Kick Ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps author and copywriter Susan Gunelius lists the seven steps of advertising success. Advertising moves the consumer along the seven steps from start to finish and each advertisement is aimed at achieving one of these seven steps. We are going to look at the (read on...)

Save Advertising Costs by Measuring Advertising Success

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Measuring the success of individual advertising campaigns is the most effective way to reduce advertising costs. By determining which media and formats work best, you can focus more of your budget on advertising that increases your return on investment (ROI) and cut the ones that cost you (read on...)

Symbols in Advertising

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When considering Your next advert whether it be an online banner or a billboard for Your local overpass the symbols that You use are of utmost importance in conveying Your message. After the colors but before the words the symbols are what people’s minds pick up on so take time picking out (read on...)

Finding the Right People

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Advertising started moving backwards the day the scientific types got involved. Now don’t get me wrong, I think there is a place for every type of person, but scientific types should stick to scientific things. As it goes a scientific person rolled around one day and enlightened the rest of (read on...)

Why Small Business Owners Get Better Sales Results From Relationship Marketing

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There are 3 major differences where direct marketing, also known as relationship marketing veers sharply away from traditional marketing and advertising. You’ll see why it’s the most cost effective method any business can do. But especially small business because let’s face it (read on...)