3 Steps to Improving Your Advertising Results

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Remember playing with LEGOs as a kid? I loved LEGOs when I was a kid, still do for that matter. With LEGOs it was easy to make changes – unsnap this piece and snap this on instead. Improving advertising results is a lot like playing with LEGOs, only this time your masterpiece of a creation (read on...)

Top 3 Tips For Better Advertising Results Today

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Here are my Top 3 Tips of Improving your advertising success. By using these Tips you could rack in hundreds or even thousands of dollars more in your revenues. Advertising is advertising and is still advertising From the stone age to today the formula of advertising is still the same. Create a (read on...)

Why No One Will Tell You They Saw Your Ad

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As someone who has sold, bought, created, analyzed, and agonized over advertising for many years, I’ve heard just about everything when it comes to ads. In selling advertising, the one phrase that just makes me cringe is “No one said they saw my ad.” Why do advertisers say this? (read on...)