Five Ways a Copywriter Can Advertise and Bring You More Business

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Advertisements The first, and most predictable, way a copywriter can advertise for your business is through writing an ad for you. A copywriter knows how to word the ad so that people want your product or services. When doing this, you’ll meet with your copywriter, or talk with them on the (read on...)

Putting Action Into Your Advertising

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All too often when customers design their own advertising they make a mistake. They either put a picture of their building, one of their employees or even themselves into the advertisement. But what is needed is an action photo such as a happy customer smiling as they are purchasing products at (read on...)

Advertising Small Business is Simple – Stop Making it Complicated and Profit!

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¬†When you start going off the tracks, it’s like a chain reaction. First, you name your company something that would take a rocket scientist to figure out what you do. Next you spend a bunch of money putting out this confusing image. Next you make very little money so you decide there must (read on...)