Do You Need an Advertising Agency?

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I sat down to write an article on ‘Ten things to look for when choosing an advertising agency’ but quite quickly realised there is a more fundamental question to be asked first – ‘Do I need an advertising agency, at all?’ After all thanks to new technology and the (read on...)

Leggo Your Logo: 3 Tips for Ensuring the Perfect Brand Identity

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During the middle ages the most famous logos were coat of arms, which were first used on battlefields as a way to identify allied from enemy soldiers. The designs were a symbol unique to a person, family or kingdom, giving its owner an eye-catching visual representation. The principles employed (read on...)

Pros and Cons of Establishing an In-House Ad Agency

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There have been several ads promoting books and reports on this subject, or included as part of the contents in several mail order books stating: “SAVE UP TO 17% ON ALL YOUR ADVERTISING” It’s legitimate, practical and effective, but like so many other promises, there are pros (read on...)

Advertising Agency – Pros and Cons

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Hiring an advertising agency to do the job has its risks and benefits. Here are some of them to attract the attention of politicians. Benefits Know-how: As a business owner, you should know that there is an expert in all aspects of marketing. Advertising agencies to provide its expertise to work (read on...)

Multi-Media Advertising For Auto Dealers – How You Can Double Your Marketing ROI In 2011!

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First, let’s look at the media advertising landscape for 2011; then determine how your strategy fits into that and more importantly, how you are going to maximize your advertising ROI within these parameters. According to Carat, a leading independent media communications agency, total ad (read on...)

3 Reasons Why Design In Healthcare Advertising Is So Challenging

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A so-called full-service ad agency offers all core capabilities needed to serve clients in virtually any industry. These capabilities include strategic and tactical planning, design, copywriting, media planning, web programming, and print production. Of these, copywriting and design, in (read on...)

How to Develop New Business For Your Ad Agency

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Is your advertising or marketing agency looking for more business or are you one of the few who seems to have more than enough clients to keep you busy? In this series about business development we are talking about a simple concept that could help further the relationship with your clients. If (read on...)

10 Things Marketing Pros Should Know About Their Design Agency

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How much do you really know about the agencies you work with? You may be completely satisfied with the design work they do, but do you know about all of the services your agency offers? Do you really know their operating procedures and policies? What you don’t know about your agency could (read on...)

Get the Sensation – The Art of the Creative Brief

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One of my favorite commercials now running is for the York Peppermint Pattie. It’s simply great advertising, showing and telling everything you need to know about this product experience in fifteen short seconds. I wonder what the creative brief for this ad looked like. I’m hoping (read on...)

What You Don’t Know Can Put You Out of Business

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Yellow Pages, internet, radio, television, direct mail etc. They’re all viable options for advertising, some better than others depending upon the nature of your business and the nature of your market. The one thing all forms of advertising have in common: Your Money! As the economy (read on...)