Software Development: Nothing So Useless?

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I love helping businesses model their operations to improve profit by finding where they are losing money and don’t know it. It is very rewarding both to my customer and to me. Concepts and principles embedded in Activity-Based Cost are an excellent guide. A while ago, I worked closely with (read on...)

The Benefits of Using Activity Based Costing to Manage Costs

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Costs are an important part of the business. Let them spiral out of control, they will affect both your profitability and cash flow. In meeting the needs and wants of customers, organisations have to employ the use of processes and activities. These processes and activities are critical for (read on...)

Product Costing – Knowing What Your Products and Services Really Cost Means Higher Profits

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How much money do you lose because you don’t know what your products or services really cost to produce? Here are some “home truths” about costs that you should know. Do you really know what your products and services cost to manufacture or provide? I would be astounded if more (read on...)