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As most business owners would agree, expanding your customer pool is essential to the lifecycle of your company. There are many ways to expand your customer base, like knocking door-to-door, putting up billboards, customer referral bonuses, and more. The one thing that all of these techniques have in common is the increase in exposure that people have to your company. The more that people hear your company’s name and understand what you are offering to people, the more of a chance you have in increasing the number of customers that you have. The one problem that we share in business is the limited financial resources that we have available. After all, advertising and promotion can be very costly. It also may seem imposing to customers if different representations of a company begin to intrude into their lives. I know it would be off-putting to me if someone was in my face all the time.

What if I told you that there was a way to promote your business in which people would actually come to you? How much would you pay to promote your company in a way where you wouldn’t need sales people actively searching for customers? Let me tell you the secret: using a sweepstakes to advertise your company.

There are literally millions of people that search for different sweepstakes and giveaways every day. Imagine this: let’s say that you own a small Laptop Merchandise and Repair store. How will you draw new people to your business? You can use an ad in the newspaper or television, but the ad space is expensive. Honestly, how many people are looking to get their laptop repaired by a small shop? Probably only a few people. Now, what if you gave away a free iPod Touch at a sweepstakes, and offered everyone who applied to the sweepstakes a free diagnostic test for their laptop? And better yet, let’s say it’s an online sweepstakes. So, you now have exposure to thousands of people, without thousands of dollars spent on sign space; all it cost was a couple hundred dollars. Not bad! It sounds like it could flop, but that would only happen if you don’t offer something awesome and free.

F. Hambone
Utah Real Estate Expert

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