Super 6 Clothing Store Logo Designs That Are Fashionable and Contemporary

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Fashion is the hottest topic around the world which is why the fashion industry is the most competitive of all.

Below mentioned are emblems of some of the most renowned clothing stores around the world that have proved that they are fashionable and contemporary.

1. American Eagle Outfitters:
Their clothing store logo consists of a silhouette of an eagle with its wings out stretched. The company name is written in straight fonts under the image. The combination of dark blue and white sets the image off too perfection and makes it eye catching. Even though this company was founded in 1977, they have still maintained the same brand mark throughout the years.

2. Buckle:
Their emblem consists of the company name in thick and straight fonts with a small symbol that looks like a belt’s buckle. The combination of dark gray color for the text and maroon for the buckle add the upscale touch that this famous brand is known for. If you observe carefully, you will notice a small letter B in the image of the buckle which adds a smart touch to the monogram.

3. Hot Topic:
This retail chain store specializes in everything that can appeal to the youth; from music to clothing to accessories. Their emblem is also designed to be cool and contemporary with the company name in thick and straight black colored fonts. The computerized look of the fonts makes the fonts distinct from others.

4. dELiA*s:
This store primarily targets females between the age of 13 to 19 and their emblem reflects the same. The trademark consists of the store name with a combination of uppercase and lowercase fonts with a small asterisk adding an imaginative touch to the image. Overall, it is girly, playful and flirty image that perfectly represents a teenager even though it has been crafted with gray tones.

5. Hollister:
Advertised as America’s lifestyle brand, this company has inspired many through its trendy casual wear. Their business mark consists of n silhouette of a stock with its wings out stretched. A factor that makes this emblem contemporary and youth targeted is the antique look that has been given to the text in the logo which makes it timeless and cool.

6. Old Navy:
Old Navy initially targeted the price conscious people and the clothing available here was more affordable than its other sister companies from Gap Inc. Now they have added footwear, accessories and online shopping to their list. Their chain and online store logo consists of the company name written in straight fonts encased in an oval shaped dark blue background. Overall, the emblem is friendly, sophisticated and timeless.

A fact that was observed here is that these companies have designed their trademarks according to their target audience. If their product is targeted towards the youth, they have used elements in the monogram that would appeal to the youth.

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