Stubby Holders – The Big Trend in Promotional Items

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In today’s competitive business world, companies rely on effective marketing strategies using extraordinary promotional and advertising campaigns to survive or maintain their edge in the market. For new businesses, getting noticed and standing out in a sea of brands and names can be a challenge.

Existing companies as well need to promote themselves constantly to retain brand or company awareness in the minds of their clients. Getting your business name or brand out in the open requires promotional activities like giving away items containing your logo or name.

Traditional corporate items like mugs, caps, pens, paper weights, clocks and calendars may be practical but by now, their lack of novelty is not an assurance that people will use them. Freshen up your company image with the latest trend in promotional giveaways, stubby holders.

Stubby holders are cylinders usually made from latex or neoprene, and are used to keep beer cans or stubbies cool. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors and can be printed with various designs including full color photos or your logo.

Here are some of the advantages of giving away stubby holders:

Increase company or brand recognition

Beer has long been one of the world’s most popular drinks. You still see it everywhere-in pubs, bars, restaurants, the beach, around swimming pools, picnics, outdoor or indoor events, parties, social gatherings, and in homes. And unlike champagne, wine or other alcoholic beverage, people drink beer all year round, whether or not there is reason to celebrate. Now, picture your company name, brand or logo around the favorite beer can, bottle or glass and you have the perfect marketing tool for your business.

Maintain goodwill among clients

People love to receive freebies only when they are attractive, novel and useful. The neoprene materials of these holders are easy to work with, allowing you to create different types of holders and custom-printing your logo, design or message on them. Try them out in zippers, lids, bases, slim ladies’ shapes, and wine bottle shapes. Get them in different shades and colors to match the taste of your clients. Executives will welcome black and grey holders while young managers will love the purple, magenta or aqua colors.

Save money for your company

Usually made of lightweight neoprene materials, stubby holders are inexpensive yet easily custom-designed using advanced printing technologies. They are durable and can be reused for a long time, allowing you to gain maximum exposure for your brand.

Suppliers like supply a large range of stubby holders and also offer volume discounts for bulk orders.

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