Strategic Marketing: It Isn’t A Field Of Dreams

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Marketing is all about the relationships. Strategic marketing is about maintaining those relationships and creating new relationships. That is the simple definition. There is a much longer definition with a lot of steps but let’s stick with the short definition for a bit.

The one thing you need to remember about marketing is a relationship is a two-way street. When you are marketing your product – whether to individuals or business-to-business – there is a person on the other end. Always remember that.


One of the things you do when you create a strategic marketing plan is identify and develop a deep understanding of your audience. During the process you also define the messages you will send to your audience. Basically you are having a conversation with you audience.

There is a large amount of trust in this relationship since is between a business and a person or between two businesses. The conversation needs to be honest and consistent. When your audience can trust what you say and you back it up with service, you have a loyal customer.


Most businesses want to expand their customer base and a new business wants to attract and convert visitors into customers. A strategic marketing plan takes all of that into account.

If you are an existing business, think about another market segment you want to attract. What kind of message do you want to deliver to convert a member of that segment to a customer? Do your research to find out what that audience wants and the things they are passionate about.

The same rules apply if you are a new business. Think about the audience you want to attract and convert. As always, do your research and do it thoroughly. Develop a clear picture of your ideal audience so you can know the message you need to craft to reach your audience.


How often do people really sit down to make a detailed plan for their lives? It is probably much less often than we think. What about companies? To get financing to start a business, you need a business plan. It just makes sense to build a marketing strategy for your business as well.

One of the most common excuses for not creating a marketing strategy is a lack of time. Everyone has too much work and not enough hours. That’s the world we live in today and not just in business, it’s the same in our personal lives as well. Carving out the time necessary to really create a strategic marketing plan is the difference between flat growth and growing your company. It can even be the foundation for keeping your doors open during the hard times.


Developing a strategic marketing plan is a big job requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. GottaLotta Marketing (GLM) has the knowledge and expertise you need. Our marketing professionals know where to start and how to help you develop your outsourced marketing strategy. We’ve done it many times before and we can do it again. Let us do it for you.
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