Stop Selling and Start Sorting For Profit

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It’s so easy to start trying to convince people that they need to purchase, buy, and sign up for what we are marketing. Somehow we believe that we have to sell the product and the opportunity. We assume that we have to plead, beg, convince, or whatever else we can think of to persuade them to say yes.

The end result of this type of selling is that you will “burn out” very fast. Selling takes a lot of time and energy. Most people do not like to sell and are uncomfortable in doing so. It is obvious to the person they are trying to sell to.

I don’t know about you but I HATE SELLING.

I never want to sell. I want to sort. There is a big difference and one that can turn you business around. It can make you profitable and get you out of that “warm market” syndrome that is claustrophobic to most new network marketers.

What is the difference?

Selling is attempting to create a demand for your product where none may exist in your prospect.

Sorting is designed to find people already interested in your product. Then you simply create the urgency to buy from you. Sorting is a no pressure approach and is much better than selling.

So how do I sort?

Sort by filtering your prospects. In your sales approach, you design check points that require a prospect to take action before proceeding on to the next phase of your sales approach, often called a sales funnel. Right here you weed out many tire kickers and people not interested in your product. The remainder have some, maybe slight to be sure, but an interest in what you are offering.

The first step you need to take is to develop, design, and write out a prospecting script to use for the purpose of identifying interest. This will screen and qualify your prospects for further effort on your part.

Putting together an effective script is not difficult but does take some guidance and know how. The end result of this prospecting and the use of your script is to sort. Sorting allows you to spend your time with people who want what you have. No more chasing your friends and family members until they hide when they see you coming. When you qualify your prospects, giving you people who are interested in what you have. It puts the odds in your favor that you are spending your time with someone who will be a future associate or will purchase from you since they already have demonstrated their interest.

This method ensures better success rates but you have to learn how to script to achieve the best results in sorting instead of selling.

In my next article I will delve deeper into the art of scripting.

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