Stop Selling and Start Solving

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A common mistake that many struggling sales people make is to go out and try their hardest to sell something. The harder they try the more difficult it becomes, and when you think about why, it makes perfect sense. The reason is that although people like to buy things, they don’t like to be sold. The harder a person tries to sell something-the greater the pressure becomes-the more likely it is that the potential buyer will move on.

A growing number of people are starting home-based Internet marketing businesses in order to increase their income and engage in a completely recession proof industry. Being self-employed in a home based business is a sound solution to the growing problems caused by the recession. Many of these new entrepreneurs however have very little experience at sales and marketing. When they find themselves in a sales situation, it is not uncommon to see them struggle with the sales process. They are trying too hard to convince a prospect to take a certain action or to think a certain way, and ultimately wind up driving them off.

The best approach is to stop selling and start solving-problems. Whenever a person is in the market to purchase something, they are trying to solve a problem. The problem might be a serious one or it might be a frivolous one, but at the root of every buying decision a problem waits to be solved. Obvious problems need no explanation, but a frivolous problem might be something as simple as the customer just wants it. This may not seem like a real problem, but in their mind, until they get what they want, they have a problem. So the salesperson that can solve the problem will get the sale.

The key is in finding what the problem is. And that becomes the dialogue of a sales call. By finding out what the buyer’s motivation is-what problem they are trying to solve-the seller will be able to solve the problem and close the sale. Identifying the problem boils down to asking good questions and rapidly processing the answers in order to continue the discussion. This is a low pressure and highly effective method of closing business and generating revenue.

By its very definition, Internet marketing offers potential customers a huge range of options. Someone who stops by your website now can move on to 20 or more similar sites in a matter of minutes. Give them a reason to leave, and they will. The best approach is to identify their problems, stop selling and start solving.

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