Stop Being Stupid, Buzz Is For Bees

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What would you say if I told you your marketing should create a buzz around your product or service?

Would you tell me you’re already trying to, or that you already knew that?

Would you ask me how?

The truth is, your marketing SHOULD NOT be attempting to create a buzz. It is barely possible, not to mention insanely expensive to do so…

Many marketing geniuses have used the phrase “Enter the conversation the customer is already having in their head” to describe what we should try to do.

To expand on this concept a little bit I will paraphrase Eugene Schwartz’s Breakthrough Advertising: “Marketing cannot create mass desire, it can only direct or channel existing desire to a particular product. It would be impossible for one advertiser to spend enough money to create mass desire, he can only exploit it, and many have died trying to run against it.”

If you are an auto manufacturer and the market is clamoring for compact fuel efficient vehicles, you can’t advertise enough to sell them all Hummers. Yes there will be a niche of people still looking for them, but you’d better not have a business model that requires you to sell millions of units if you want to base your whole business on them.

This is not to say that the vehicle the market wants is better or more logical choice than the vehicle you are selling, but any attempt to change their mind is entering the realm of educating them rather than marketing. And attempting to educate the population against their will is almost impossible and again, very very expensive. (Have you ever tried to convince a teenager of something?)

Always remember: You Are Not Your Customer!

Any discrepancy between what the customer wants to buy and what you want to sell them will not work out well for you. Given this situation you have two options… You can change what you are selling, or you can change who you are trying to sell it to.

Either of these options can work wonders for the health of your business. Are they easy? Maybe not at first, but the hardest part is already over. If you sit down and realize you have been making the mistake of focusing on what you want to sell not what your customer wants to buy it will hurt. However,once that initial pain goes away you will realize how much easier the rest of your business life will be when you are selling people things they actually want.

(Not to mention your competition will probably continue on the way they always have, clawing for every sale, constantly dropping their prices, and not realizing how much better life could be…)

Marketing is the key to financial survival. Without a solid foundation in effective marketing you are doomed. If your idea of good marketing is “getting your name out there” you don’t have a solid foundation. Brady Irvine is tired of seeing good businesses ruined by crappy marketing.

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