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It’s a known fact that a lot of sporting teams host games where they give out hundreds or even thousands of bobble head dolls to fans who come to the games. They usually refer to this strategy as bobble head night. These nights are usually held to encourage people to come to the venue early and plenty. This is one of the most effective strategies used by teams to encourage fans to come as shown by the countless of times that it was used as a marketing strategy. It’s not a pipe-dream to have 10,000 fans flock to the venue a few hours before the game if you promise to give out dolls to the first certain number of fans.

If you own or manage a team, you should really consider holding your own bobble head night. A good way of doing it is to pattern them after the most popular player in your roster. This way, it can be a collectors’ item. Of course, they will also draw in the fans because you’re giving out bobble head dolls of your most popular player. If you prefer, you can also honor an ex-player by holding a bobble head night in his honor.

We have to do a reality check, though. Not a lot of people own or manage sporting teams. Does this mean that you can’t take advantage of its benefits? Obviously, you can’t directly take advantage of the fact that a lot of fans will come out to watch the game. After all, you don’t own a team. But still, you can take advantage of them indirectly by teaming up with the team. You can be a sponsor since it’s very common nowadays. Team owners, no matter how wealthy, are always looking for sponsors. This is perfect if you own a business. You can sponsor the bobble head night yourself.

You can talk to the team about what they want to see in the bobble head dolls. Do they want a design patterned after their most popular player or mascot? Once you have that information, you can team up with a good manufacturer so you can turn their preference into reality.

Since you’re going to sponsor them, it goes without saying that you have to take care of everything including paying for them. It’s pretty obvious how they’re going to benefit the team. They’re going to help draw the fans and support the team as the team gives them out. It’s already established that it’s a good marketing and promotional strategy. Best of all, they didn’t have to pay for them.

So how is this going to benefit you? Obviously, it should be a two-way street. In return for paying and taking care of them, the team should allow you to put in your company’s information. Better yet, you can negotiate if you can put in a sales message. For example, you can have the bobble head dolls say your company’s sales message. A great manufacturer can take care of that for you. At the very least, you can put in “Sponsored by” and then add in your company’s name, phone number and website information. This is perfect if the team’s fans are your target market as well.

The best thing about it is you don’t have to pay a lot of money to sponsor a bobble head night. You just have to talk to a trusted manufacturer.

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