Spending Smarter – How Advertising Can Work For Less

April 3, 2009 by  Filed under: Advertising 

Most people seem to think that the more creative an advertisement is, the better the ad will do. And this is just such a dumb idea. Yes, if it’s creative enough, it will get remembered. But with all the things that happen to us everyday, along with the bombardment of other advertising initiatives, it’s not likely that you’re ad will make it through to actual purchase time.

That said, it ‘s the remembrance-factor that is really what you’re after. It’s not as important to be creative with your message, as it is to get your message across, creatively. You never want to confuse the consumer. In fact, you want to make your point as precisely as possible.

The ability to be remembered is an essential ingredient when it comes to advertising. And if you’re not at least trying to accomplish that, then I wouldn’t waste your money. It can be very expensive to advertise in the ways and areas you want and if your ad isn’t targeting the right people or rather, getting noticed by the right people, you are wasting that money.

Research the company you want to do your advertising, if you decide to go this route. Again, you’re spending a lot of money and you shouldn’t want to ‘be sorry’. Instead, be smart and do your homework.

So, don’t squander profits on an educated guess. Be sure that you know who you want to target, where those people are, how to get their attention and how to get them to remember you. Do your research, get some facts, and then decide what avenues of the advertising world you want to contribute to; and to trust with your business’ image.

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