Some Proven Methods of Increasing Your Customer Count

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Below are some proven methods of increasing your customer count:

– Increase your Conversion Ratio – One way to accomplish this is by getting your sales force more training.
– Increase Your Leads – You can do this with advertising campaigns, joint ventures, or other methods.
– Increase Referrals – One way this can be accomplished is by developing programs that reward current customers for referring new customers. This is a referral reward program and they are common in most businesses with a high average invoice amount.
– Sell to Former Customers – Search your database and get a list of inactive customers. Possibly you define this as those who have not made a purchase in over a year. Create a particular promotion directed toward these customers.

If you look closely at your own business advertising record, you will discover that you also favor certain venues for advertising. Maybe you get a mailing list from the Chamber of Commerce and send out brochures, or you advertise on the TV or radio. Whatever the case, it is likely that your competitors also share similar practices.

This is only to be expected because people are social beings and most people tend to follow in the footsteps of others. When they start a business, they look around and observe how others are doing things, and they do the same.

Even entrepreneurs-who tend to lead, not follow-do this for one simple reason: it is cheaper; if it is working for others in the same business, then the same methods should work for the new business owner. It makes sense.

This line of reasoning doesn’t stop with advertising. Most new business owners do a lot of things like their competitors are doing, and they never take the time to try anything new. They tend to use much of the same business model as others in their industry are using. So when it comes to getting new customers, the same old advertising methods get put to work, again and again.

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