Software Lead Generation – Be Objective With Your Data!

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Big Data is becoming a popular trend within in the CRM software community. Whether you’re for the technology or caution the hype, one thing is clear. The capacity to store and manage larger and larger amounts of information is making an impact in the way business technology helps analyze customers.

However, perhaps the real issue surrounding Big Data technology has nothing to do with the technology itself. It’s more about how objective people are with what it’s giving. CRM professionals are probably familiar with the dichotomy of want versus need. This doesn’t just apply to consumers but also to businesses.

You see, when it comes to data on their clients, plenty of businesses will take anything so long as they believe it will give them insight. As an example, why not look to CRM software itself? With Big Data being such a big hit, you’d assume that plenty of businesses want the power of such insight. On the other hand, the opposition is more than willing to shout out words of caution against such behavior. The data can give information but it’s still up to the human element to actually try and make sense of it all.

A simpler way to apply this is during software lead generation. CRM leads contain information on businesses who are likely to give you a sale. On the other hand, is this information really objective? Does it satisfy the needs of your own sales team? Can they make an attempt with the information that was provided? Did your lead generator stick only to what was required of it and did not waste time looking up on less important details?

The quality of the produced leads depends on your answers. Many causes of delay in the campaign are the result of looking up and analyzing the irrelevant. Must you really look up your prospects on Facebook when there’s more information about their business on LinkedIn? What are your reasons for ruling out business owners within a particular age group?

You need to come up with an answer that is both immediate but also sound if you insist on gathering certain kinds of information. This doesn’t really mean that there are certain types of information that are completely useless. It’s more about finding information that is really useful for your business and your business alone. It doesn’t matter if other businesses have gained some insights with certain types of data unless you yourself can replicate what they did. In fact, maybe they even got it wrong and there’s some other reason why they were successful.

If you don’t have a definite set of standards for quality information, then you can’t blame data for being ‘bad’ because it doesn’t have anything tangible to live up to. This can happen whether your software sales leads were acquired by your own marketing efforts or through a lead generation company. Either way, you need to give specifications. Otherwise, they won’t know what to give you. Be objective with your data because chances are, the data is not going to do it for you.

Claire Hansen works as a marketing communications program manager. She is inviting you to visit to learn more about lead generation and appointment setting for the software industry.

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