Social Signals: Capitalizing Off Consumers’ Love Affairs

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The formula isn’t any different than the high-school love letter scene. You see an interested party, you methodically pass them that most coveted piece of paper that either opens the door of opportunity or closes it. Ideally, you hope it is a yes, but if not… you either move on or culture the dreaded response with a quick follow-up.

The concept is the same with social signals; just a minor role change between the two parties involved and the manner which the answer or reply is delivered. Instead of the love affair between you and that most sought after hot stud or beauty, it is between you (your business) and the billions of consumer online impressions, purchasers or buyers of your products and/or services.

Ideally the answer delivery is quite different in today’s digital and social interactive environment. Instead of the “If you like me check yes or no (box); “It’s more of, if you like me “check like, click +1, or just say so (in a recommendation and/or review.)

Capitalizing off your consumer’s true feelings and perceptions about your brand, business, product or service through social signals is an instant way to prove to the world that it’s really a true love affair and spark of interest to not only your competitors but to other “brand” interests. There’s huge pay-out return on investment and value-add with having those +1’s, ‘likes, tons of Twitter followers, written reviews (be it good or bad) and Facebook fans associated with your brand.

According to a recent Nielsen report, 90 percent of consumers surveyed said they trust recommendations from people they know; and 70 percent even trust consumer opinions posted from anonymous people. (1)

There’s also huge buying and sales returns from the power of referral with regards to social signals.

Internet Retailer reports that 67 percent of shoppers spend more online after receiving recommendations from their online community. (2)

So, if your business isn’t grasping the art of social signals, it’s really not capitalizing off the billions of online consumers who are searching or looking to make a purchase decision from their peer’s feelings or thoughts about your brand. Not to worry though, this is easily fixable with a few steps and can be the catalyst that you business needs.

Here are a few tips that can help your social signal efforts along the way:

– Sign up for a content web-listing package. Claim your business listings. For example, UBL offers a one-stop online listing claim service and package for claiming and distributing your content and business information online to all major, minor, special search engine, White & Super-pages, mobile platforms and gps service providers like 411 and On-star. They can even create social profiles for your business, as well.

– Add SEO to you site to boost your business organic rankings and traffic, so you can be found and rank higher with consumer searches.

– Make your site Mobile compatible. GoMobile or create a Mobile App. There are over 1.6M new mobile devices/phones added every day and more than 5B people are expected to connect through mobile devices by 2015.3 Mobile is a huge payoff with a low overhead.

– Buy into a Reputation Management package. This will allow you to receive up-to-date, real-time reporting and analytics about when, where and what consumers are saying about your business or brand. So, you can either respond to bad reviews with an official comment or thank and reward those who do speak good things about your brand personally.

– Develop an Integrated Marketing Strategy or plan for increasing customer engagements and interactions, developing many hyper-multichannel for connecting with your brand’s audience, and offering incentives to them for recommending your brand and increasing your social signals through tweets and likes; or other signals.

In today’s digital world where social signals are the variables between sales or leads and more traffic, it’s key that your business seizes on the power that they also provide. Just by increasing your brand’s social signals can boost your business visibility and online perceptions tremendously. They can also propel your SEO initiatives on the major search engines (SERPS) such as Google or Bing.

So, the next time you have the opportunity to get that +1, Share, Like, or even Tweet from your online audience, capitalize off it. Get them to say, “Yes!”

If you would like more information about social signals, Integrated Marketing or other marketing resources; check or visit Purview | Creative Strategy & Design @

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2. Social commerce statistics by Internet Retailer, Sept 2009,

3.Emily Nagel Green. “Anywhere: How Global Activity Is Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business (New York: McGraw Hill 2009)

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