Social Brand Changers: Creating Movers and Shakers

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Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, ASPCA and Dunkin Donuts…

You’re wondering what they have all have in common? (And no, they didn’t create a dance track for fury animals on coffee… lol)

Yet they’ve all grasped and discovered the bountiful returns of social marketing. By taking social marketing by the reigns these brand players have garnered mind-blowing benefits of immeasurable success from their marketing activities. As a result, becoming today’s upper echelon of ‘Social Brand Shakers!’

Though one could voice concerns that two of these are music brands or major high-profile celebrities; others might denote we all know most consumers love retailers… especially donuts. Many may even express that social marketing is less of a challenge for these categories of B2C companies. Regardless of the critics, the take-away stems from the “How” (these brand changers have been able to construct higher valued social circles or networks); while using Twitter, Facebook, Istagram or any other of the hundreds of social platforms available by offering personal engagements and special privy interactions.

Chris “Breezy”: a super-savvy marketing machine. Built a major online and social presence after suffering a major setback from the record companies and execs after his legal bout with Rihanna. Took it upon himself and his team to promote and push his album online to his followers; now… one the industry’s highest social champions amongst the ranks of Usher and Justin Bieber et al.

Lady Gaga: has millions of international faithful followers by creating brand ambassadors through her “Little Monsters.” A true social shaker who is changing the way artists are in touch or tuned to their audiences. Has tailored a hyper-active marketing machine of followers.

ASPCA (org): has been able to propel their social connections and followers in the millions by incorporating a user upload system based around video submissions on Facebook..which allows owners to promote their pets in addition to liking the organization and promoting its services.

Dunkin Donuts: engages millions of coffee lovers across the US. “America runs on Dunkin” and due to tailoring and integrating multiple networking sites from Facebook to Pinterest. Creates multiple profiles using the @Dunkin + location/city (@DunkinBoston). A specialized consumer competition system to say the least.

In digital, it’s all about creating super engaging and highly stimulating environments. It’s not acceptable with just having a social presence or implementing a general (skeletal) social presence, but it’s critical in layering those social media activities with robust interaction levels of consumer engagement. C’mon, no one wants ‘stale’ or blah content and news. The art of becoming a social brand changer is determining what your various audience segments want and then developing activities to answer, respond and take charge of those interactions. Creating this type of hyper-communication channel becomes a major promotion and socializing marketing haven for your brand or company. Whether in tweets, through your posts, via your video uploads or even picture sharing; all these examples of social marketing drive deeper communication voices guaranteed to boost brand presence and positioning through these content distribution methods. As apparent with Chris Brown and down to Dunkin Donuts, by offering your clients or consumers exclusive insides or limited knowledge into your brand is directly correlated to the overall success measures developed from your social marketing initiatives.

One major avenue for propelling your social returns to this sought after level of “Ultimate Brand Status” is by taking control and leading your brand engagement and interactions. They are tons of products available now which offer you an analytic dashboard for measuring social conversations where your consumers are talking about within your specific industries, ie. Salesforce and Buddy Media. So, instead of sitting back wondering or waiting for your social followers to demand for or ask for content, tweet and post messages about your brand, business or company; you should take charge and lead these yourself. As the brand owner, begin to saturate your social communities with information (of value) that you want your audience or followers to share or re-tweet and re-post. This is being in the driver’s seat and directing those interactions to places where you want them to go. It’s incorporating a ‘first class approach’ within your social marketing campaigns. The art here is based around a comprehensive yet integrated social marketing and content distribution strategies. If you’re unsure of how or where to start, here’s a quick guideline for starting out.

  • RESEARCH: your desired audience targets or consumer segments and learn their respective behaviors or dialects on Twitter, Facebook, Video and etc.
  • DEVELOP: #’s (hash-tags), @profiles and other social content marketing messages, phrases, posts, slogans and necessary profiles.
  • DETERMINE: which social platforms you want to use for your aligned distribution efforts. (Identify where and how you want to promote and market your content. Remember to adhere to the various platform guidelines.)
  • INTEGRATE: your brand ambassadors. (Know who and from where your biggest brand promoters come from. Align with those high net-valued networks and use those to substantially increase your marketing returns. BE CREATIVE and offer INCENTIVES!)
  • DIVERSIFY: or blend your marketing approaches. Combine and connect social campaigns. (For example, use video, pictures, social volunteer or upload activities, traditional marketing and more!)
  • CREATE: fresh and highly unique content materials to boost returns. (Think “Backstage or VIP” material versus balcony or mezzanine.

Becoming a social mover and shaker demands untiring efforts and creative strategies. As with success, it’s something that comes via long-term and persistent focus; and continuously rewards while in motion. If you’re looking to take your company to that level of social status, it’s critical that your company specializes its social marketing practices to better tailor to the brand’s market. Keep them coming back for more! If all else fails, quickly inquire with a social media strategist for their expertise and creative knowledge about developing unique campaigns and marketing strategies. He/she should be able to personalize a detailed social game-plan for ensuring your company’s desired return on marketing investments are structured through tangible yet measurable returns (in real-time).

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