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In the nineteen-nineties, there was a song Snap-I’ve Got the Power. I’m sure some of you are laughing right now, because you have the music in your head now.

The song came to mind, because as women have the power to make a difference in so many lives. However, it can be dangerous in itself as well. It’s really about the way that you are using the power that you have. “It’s getting kind of heavy,” don’t you think so?

Your ultimate goal as an entrepreneur is not to “break anyone’s heart.” You have to have to have your plan together to be a woman entrepreneur. Because you have so much power at your finger tips, you must be conscience of how you communicate with people, i.e. conversations (networking), emails, blogs, articles, and phone calls. For some reason, women communicating to other women can be a turning moment in your success. Your ultimate goal in communicating should be to win others hearts. It all begins with delivery.

To get control of the power you have within:

  1. Turn their ears. Let others know that you have something that is worth listening to… not just your niche, but what you have is of value.
  2. Toot your own horn. It let’s your audience know that you are not just sitting back thinking all the time, but your creative juices are flowing and you want to provide fresh content.
  3. Stop looking at your plan. Put your plan aside for a second, and put your dreams to work and accomplish something on that list. You have the ability to be the best a plan not in action is not worth having.

Wake up and feel the power that you have within and truly let others get a piece of your talent. Stop holding back and be the entrepreneur that you can be. Just like the word, SNAP (a word that supposedly mimic’s the meaning in their sound) get your audience’s attention by demonstrating entrepreneurial power.

Once you have taken these three steps into action you deserve to celebrate. Start today and acknowledge that you have the power as a woman entrepreneur that will stop the talking and taking your dream into action.

Are you at your desk reading this article? If so, stand up, make sure you have a little room to move. It’s time to take action. It’s time to get your power juices flowing. Included in this article is SNAP-I’ve Got the Power video link is included because you are taking the first step by reading this article.

You’ve got the power, celebrate! SNAP – I’ve Got the Power

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