Small Business Marketing System – 3 Tips That Bring In the Business

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A marketing system is the most important thing you can have in your business, because quite simply marketing is the most important thing you can do. Many people will tell you otherwise, but it’s a fact a marketing system is the most valuable thing your business has because your marketing system actually is your business. And without a solid system in place, you have no business at all.

Here’s why.

The Facts About Your Marketing

The most important thing in your business is sales, because without sales you have no revenue, and without revenue you have no profits. The only way you get sales is by having a marketing system, and without sales you soon don’t have a business at all.

Why Most Business Owners Have Bad Marketing

There are quite a few reasons for this, but the main one is simply that most business owners just don’t know what good marketing actually is, or how to build a system that uses best practices and brings in those important sales. For most businesses, sales come in by accident, and when times are good and people have a lot of money to spend this is enough to keep the business profitable. But when times are not good, and money is a bit thin on the ground, many businesses discover their sales dry up. That’s when they decide they need to do some “marketing” to get things moving.

The problem is – because they don’t know anything about marketing – they usually look around at what everyone else is doing and then copy them. Unfortunately, because no-one else has much idea about marketing either, they copy bad marketing.

Successful marketing makes money, and the best way to make sure your marketing works is to follow the simple steps below.

1. Make sure it’s targeted. Many business owners get sucked into the idea of “branding” their business, mainly because that’s what the big businesses do. The best thing to do is forget “branding” and make sure your advertising focuses on your prospects’ problems, needs and desires, because that’s all they care about. It’s all about them, and only them, not you.

2. Measure everything. Make sure every bit of marketing can be tracked, so you can see exactly which ad, postcard, letter and anything else is bringing in the sales. Then keep doing the stuff that’s working, and immediately stop doing the stuff that isn’t.

3. Keep it simple. There are rules of successful marketing, and you should be following these to the letter. Concentrate on “direct response marketing”, because the systems you build using these principles have been proved to work for over a hundred years.

And always remember to make sure your marketing is not boring. It should actually be fun as much as possible, and the extra sales and revenue you bring in will make your business life much more enjoyable, I guarantee it.

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