Small Business Marketing Don’ts

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Even large businesses make mistakes when it comes to marketing. However, in case of a small business a mistake turns out far more costly as their budget is limited. As a small business owner it makes sense to learn from mistakes that have been already committed. Here are a few don’ts that you as a small business owner should avoid making while marketing your business.

In order to sell your product or service successfully, you need to make sure your marketing message gets across to your customer. This is why your marketing should focus on the customer. Most small business focus on their own products and services instead of telling the customer why they should buy the products or services. An effective marketing message should identify the customer’s need and explain how the specific product or service can satisfy that need. The benefits available to the customers should be listed along with any quality assurances or guarantees.

Most small businesses spend on marketing without considering if they are getting any returns on their investment. They just end up depleting their resources without achieving results. The way to avoid this common marketing blunder is to aim for precision marketing. Your marketing message should be tailored to your target audience so that it meets their specific needs. The time and money you put into your marketing should be tracked so that you are aware of whether it is yielding the expected results.

Many small businesses fail to realize that marketing is about creating value for your customer. This is why you should try to deliver what you promise your customers along with any value additions. These extra add-ons are always appreciated by customers.

Small businesses often lose customers by trying to hard sell their products and services. Instead of trying to close a sale, they should concentrate on educating the customers about their products and services. Once customers are interested in the products, sales will automatically follow.

Small businesses rarely follow up with customers who have already bought a product or service from them. It makes good sense to build on the existing relationship that has been set up. A customer who has bought from you once is more likely to buy from you again. Therefore, you should have a system for capturing customer contact details etc so that you can follow up with them in the future.

Finally, identify your target audience. Even large businesses fail to realize that targeting their product for a niche audience is very important. Ask yourself who will buy your products and services and then try to customize your marketing strategy accordingly.

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