Six Sigma Belt Facts and Information for Employee Satisfaction

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The Black Belt is at the top. These individuals are very experienced in using Six Sigma to assist companies in increasing their productivity and improving quality and standards. The Green Belt is just below the Black Belt. These individuals act as assistants to the Black Belt professional and will sometimes act as leaders if they are qualified and show an interest in becoming a Black Belt at some point. Below the Green Belt is the Yellow Belt. These individuals have a minimal amount of Six Sigma knowledge and work more on the business end, helping to analyze the inner workings of the company so as to identify the problems that are threatening the infrastructure of the company. All of these professionals work together in an teamwork environment in order to reach their goals.

At the top level, there are also Master Black Belts, who have been working with these methods so long they are easily able to train Black Belts and Green Belts to successfully lead a project to completion. Some consider another level below Yellow Belts, called the White Belt. These individuals are usually not recognized by the Six Sigma community at large because their level of understanding of the methodology is not at a trainable and certifiable level.

The Black Belt professional will take full responsibility for assigning tasks, designing and implementing plans, along with monitoring the plan as it is set in motion. These plans are designed to target the key issues the company is having, repair those problems and realign the company in a way that increases productivity and profits while decreasing expenses and mistakes.

Ailing company executives are sometimes at a loss to understand why their employees are unhappy; but this process can help with that as well. Six Sigma professionals will analyze the situation much more closely and in a more organized manor than the executives would usually have time for. They will quickly see, through research and analyzing techniques, whether the problem is occurring because of scheduling, pay, insurance or any number of the issues that employees tend to have with their company in a private way. Often, a lack of communication between the management and the employees will lead to job dissatisfaction and disloyal employees.

The Six Sigma professionals are often charged with the task of finding out what is creating a high turnover in the company and what can be done to stop it. The executives within the company realize that employees must be satisfied or they will look for something else. Often, however, they do not know how to improve the situation. This is when they will ask for the assistance of the Six Sigma professionals. After meeting with the executives, the Black Belt professional will choose his or her team and begin work immediately in order to fix any and all problems that may be affecting the organization.

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