Six Great Ways To Maximize Your Trade Show Exhibit ROI

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A trade show exhibit is an excellent way for any business to not only showcase product and network, but also to create a visual stir for attendees. With a wide range of multisensory options for trade show displays and trade show booths, companies can incorporate various features and deliver a compelling and informative presentation to truly wow the prospective clientele milling about throughout the day’s event. In short, a marketing seminar can prove an omnipotent promotional tool for organizations in any vertical industry.

Participating In Trade Show Exhibits: More Than Just A Day’s Work

While a trade show exhibit delivers a sound option for companies seeking a grand scale advertorial avenue, it’s critical to perform diligent pre/during/post event practices to ensure every lead, contact and potential deal is explored. Keeping a checklist of these items can help maintain a steady focus on leveraging the benefits of every marketing seminar.

Event Selection Is Key: The preshow selection process can prove one of the most critical elements to the overall success ROI. Never participate in a marketing event during its first run. If at all possible, opt instead for venues that have a solid history and proven track record of attendance. A great way to gauge whether a particular convention makes sense for your business is to participate as an attendee first.

Optimize Visual Impact: Update all marketing material to ensure a professional appearance and complete brand consistency. Trade show booths and trade show displays should also receive any necessary tweaks and makeovers. Your entire unit should look as appealing and engaging as possible to guarantee the meandering crowd will want to stop in and peruse your wares. Get Proactive With Guests: Staff manning the tradeshow displays should be prepped on how to proactively engage with and greet attendees. Keep it simple and succinct, but pleasant and positive with solid eye contact and an encouraging smile to generate an open ended dialogue. This also includes the interaction with visitors that are clearly not potential customers. Not everyone who stops by will be interested in your business products or services, but should still be greeting warmly and treated respectfully.

Get Creative With Giveaways: Strategize a giveaway item that will generate a buzz on the floor at the event. While these items don’t have to break the allotted premium budget, they should be something functional and distinctive. Distribute these giveaways to everyone who visits the booth; never discriminate against attendees who have been identified as someone unlikely to purchase from your business.

Size-Up The Competition: Take the opportunity to act as an attendee yourself and see what the competition is up to. This is a great way to gain a few new insights and reinforce some of the great things your company is already doing.

Post Event Analysis: Perform a post-show analysis after each event. Coordinate a meeting with anyone who participated throughout the convention so everyone with an insider’s insight has an opportunity to voice an opinion. Discuss what worked, what didn’t and how to perform even better at the next function. Most importantly, compile a consolidated list of all sales leads, contacts, etc. and ensure each and every opportunity is followed up on and explored as thoroughly as possible.

Chris Harmen writes for Xtreme Xhibits, a premiere distributor of Skyline trade show booths in San Antonio. Whether seeking to rent a complete marketing unit or design an innovative trade show exhibit in San Antonio, Xtreme Xhibits can deliver a perfect visual solution.

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