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In the past, there was no real structure to company gifts and incentive plans. If the budget allowed, employees might receive a gift for acknowledgment of their hard work, team building successes, sales incentives, or for anniversary and retirement gifts. Now with new corporate awards programs available, companies may feel more confident that employees receive rewards that are not only indicative of their successes but also meaningful and of value to the employees.

Many of these new corporate rewards systems are accessible online. Because of this, an employee can choose what they want to reward themselves with. The types of awards can range from the traditional gifts to electronic gift cards, cash or travel vouchers. Examples of traditional gifts may be items such as plaques, watches, trophies, medals, crystal or engraved gifts.

Electronic gift cards usually come in the form of retail or merchant cards, debit cards or simply an access code to an online gift store where the gift choices are far ranging. The retail cards are specific to a retail chain or restaurant and employees would be able to choose from hundreds of different retailers and restaurants. The merchant cards work in a similar way but the card must be used from any choice of one or several preselected merchants.

Some programs even have a point system, where depending on how many points an employee has accumulated, they will be limited to a selection of items in that range of points. The point system can include cash and travel voucher options as well.

Incorporating an awards program is not only beneficial to the employee but the employer as well. The system can keep track of sales progress and chart other data pertinent to the success of the company. In addition, it helps with public relations, retain and gain talent as well as increase the bottom line.

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